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  • Mary-Ann 2 years ago

    Chris have you heard from Scottie? Is he okay? Man the scoffers are out in FULL force on his channel. I lost my temper a bit tonight so now must go pray to the Lord to forgive me and please deal with these people, so called Christians. Just praying he's okay and not feeling too down and out. The Lord's still coming…I think this year. Let us know if you have heard from Scott.Thanks, God Bless! PS Love the indoor garden concept. May need to pass on to my son who refuses to believe in Jesus. He may need these skills to get thru…..

  • Alice Akra 2 years ago

    Its so sick… that steve guy from heavenly sign 2017 keeps predicting dates . But monetizes every video …cant believe these people dont see what hes doin …he thinks end is coming but monetizes videos …yea god wants him to tell the people hes coming , but steve make money while you do it ….lolol …i mean this guy is really sick …

  • Dave Hazlett 2 years ago

    Just want to say I am subscribed to your channel and as a brother in Christ I look forward to our very soon rapture!

  • CRPM LLC 2 years ago

    Aeroponics is BOSS now brother check it out!

  • Fardy Frank 2 years ago

    Hi Chris,
    Please see the attached video made two years ago that shows why the Jewish calendar is wrong according to the how the Jews calculate the Feast days. To me it seems to make sense but you might think otherwise. Also find 2 other links to save you searching for data.

  • Daniel Booth 2 years ago

    I wish I could do this. I bought my small house for cash in 2002 in the Philippines. Yeshua told me when I was young that I would live in the Philippines some day. So when I found myself single in 2001 I accepted an invitation to join my friend who had a contract job working in Manila for 2 weeks. There I met my future wife then returned to the US on 9/10/2001. Next day my world changed alot with 9/11/2001 and they laid me off from my job. I ended up marrying my filipina wife in Dec 2001. getting another job, my son was born in June 2002 premature 2 month's. He survived and I went back to the US to work and to support my family. I love living here (great weather) but you do not find garden stores anywhere here that I can get to. Bless you my brother, keep up the growing I love growing what I can get seeds for.

  • TheSanDiego5 2 years ago

    This is so cool! I love my garden. I have a ghost pepper plant. My salsa may be going up a few degrees. Walmart has air stones. I make compost tea in 5 gallon buckets to feed my garden. I use the air stones to brew it for 24 hours. It's a great hobby, enjoy!

  • closerthan abrother 2 years ago

    Ha! That’s crazy you do keto diet. You’re a wise man Hamrick. I started down the rabbit trail of nutrition, cancer, AMA corruption etc a couple years ago and it’s fascinating.

  • paisleychic 2 years ago

    Oh boy. Your chemo picture, the red devil. shivers I have a carb (sugar) problem. I should check out the diet. I have developed a problem eating beef suddenly after a lifetime. Research leads to tick bites causing beef allergies. Strange stuff.

  • paisleychic 2 years ago

    This looks and sounds high maintenance. And I do not have a green thumb. I have a Jade and an Aloe, which surprisingly are thriving. I do well with tomatoes, but not like yours, just outside.

    I hope your Venus Flytraps perk up. I've always wanted one but they sound special. I've heard they eat raw meat, too?

  • Nancy Anderson 2 years ago

    Wow! U are sharp to grow your own food hydroponically, fancy equipment, looks very scientific and expensive!

  • Growin reefer Hamrick?

  • Lumis Love 2 years ago

    Nice one 😀