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Here’s to finally making myself upload SOMETHING! I’ve been debating starting a house plant/orchid channel for some time but now…. I actually did it. Come with me to Plant Shop Chicago 🙂 Still figuring out how to use this editing software but enjoy! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsPlant Pub Crawl at Plant Shop Chicago – LIVE!Robert Plant – Going To California – July 12, 2013, Taste of ChicagoWinter Market at The Plant ChicagoThe Plant – Chicago | VEDIM day 29Chicago Illinois – Tour of The PlantHuge Abandoned Chicago Power Plant


Vertical farming


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  • Kathleen Murphy 3 months ago

    I just subscribed to your station I see that you must have just started like me. I just started a station and I'd like you to go and subscribe it's Kathleen Murphy and since there's a lot of Kathleen Murphy's and I use my cell phone to do YouTube videos I don't know how to change the name! So along with searching Kathleen Murphy add the word orchids houseplants or coleus to my name and my channel should pop up for you. I would appreciate you clicking like and subscribing and leaving any kind of comment you would like. This is a whole new world out here and I finally got brave enough to post my videos and share the knowledge I've learned through my Decades of growing house plants and gardening and also what I've learned in the past year or so from YouTube. It's fun to share our triumphs I'm kind of sad to share any defeats but we learn from those defeats of mistakes and with YouTube we can even learn from other people's mistakes! Thank you so much in advance for any technical help you can give me or any techniques on growing some of the plants I'm interested in watching your videos because we always learn from everyone. Thank you in advance

  • Linda Ruiz 3 months ago

    That cliff hanger though D: How did Sprout Home go!?

  • TILER96 3 months ago

    hahah rad! i loved the frog ~ i'm definitely going here today