Vitaroofs stands for Choices in green roof solutions, from the unconventional to the tried and true. Joy Schmidt brings the benefit of personal involvement with 1,000 green roofs, including some of North America’s most celebrated projects.

They’re not trying to sell a system of products – they begin with an in-depth consultation, listening very carefully to your vision. Offering design consulting, manufacturing, installation, maintenance, and warranties, they work closely with clients to find the optimum solution to fulfill unique project requirements including creative direction, structural requirements, climactic conditions, and sustainability parameters.

Vitaroofs’ clients have access to a diverse and extensive inventory of vegetation, soil, and sub-layers, developed over the years using local products and testing. Each of these ‘recipes’ represents a unique solution optimized for a specific set of climatic conditions, building types, and landscape preferences.

A combination of clarity about project requirements, strong communication skills, and their ongoing experience with research and development enables their certified experts to install even the most innovative of green roof systems on schedule and within budget.

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