Visit private urban gardens for ideas and inspiration

Fab garden ideas from private #urbangardens for your own #backyard. #gardentips

These English town gardens are at their best, and they occasionally open their gates. Enjoy a quick tour of Kent’s urban gardens, and then maybe visit them for yourself?

Find a garden in The National Garden Scheme here:

Visit Faversham Open Gardens & Garden Market Day on 24th June 2018:

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The Middlesized Garden uploads on Wednesdays and Saturdays with visits to private gardens and interviews with expert gardeners. If your garden is smaller than an acre, join us and enjoy your garden even more!

For small and middlesized backyards and gardens….
See The Middlesized Garden blog:

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Join me in this video where I am after a potatio to cook for tea.
As part of national gardening week I am emphasising homegrown food. For this I neeeded a potato some bacon some aspapagus and chard abit of rosemary and a little oil. Cooked in the bbq while in the garden.
What better way to celebrate homegrown veg then to cook straight after harvesting.
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Visit private urban gardens for ideas and inspiration

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  • Linda Peterson

    So many lovely details in each of these images. I have been pausing the video on each and taken time to study for elements my garden areas are lacking. Thank you!

  • Botanical Treasures

    Really enjoyed this glimpse of Kent in May. Thank you! I'm so eager to start our patio garden, but we have much to do before our last frost date in Mid-April. Our concrete slab is rather old and ugly so we're going to cover it up with outdoor rated tiles from IKEA in two shades of grade. To try out tile patterns I got out some woven squares from another project and laid it out on the carpet. Then I changed to color photo to black and white so my squares magically all turned gray. Bye for now!

  • awill2

    born in England (also an Alexandra!) living in USA for more years than i can say! love your channel… would love to see coastal &/or modern takes on the british garden just for something else. regards,

  • Liz Zorab - Byther Farm

    Thank you for joining in the collaboration to celebrate National Garden Week. Yum – that looks delicious – great video!

  • Petals on the Paving Slabs

    Brilliant, spot on! Youve shown how easy it is to grow your own extremely tasty food, thats what its all about and why more people should grow their own! Nice one, love it!

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