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Vishal mane from Jagadamb Hydroponic System , in this video we have tried to explain step by step how to use hydroponic system. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubesPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsHow to make a hydroponic water culture system from a coffee containerHomemade Hydroponic System from Reused Plastic BottleTransfering Seedlings from Rockwool to Hydroponic SystemAdvanced Hydroponic System in India Crops from Drops Young farmer of Punjab

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  • Chetan Sonawane 1 month ago

    Very Good idea broo…

  • Avinash More 1 month ago

    contact number dya

  • Amit Pal 1 month ago

    Bhai hydroponics fodder bakri ko de sakte h koi problem to nhi hogi

  • VANADAN SINGH 1 month ago

    Bhai ye tray kaha se liya ??

  • Sanjay Thilare 1 month ago

    खर्च किती येतो

  • Surenndra Salunkhe 1 month ago

    Great work Nick sir nice information. I watch all your videos for dairy management

  • Vishal Govekar 1 month ago

    Evdha chara nahi purat cow la

  • All tips And tricks 1 month ago

    bhai iska seed kaha milenga .

  • narayan ghagare 1 month ago

    Sir price ky ahe

  • budgies parrots breeder 1 month ago

    Ata mala ek sanga ki Ratri Pani dayche ki nahi

  • Sitaram Shinde 1 month ago

    श्री. माने साहेब, काही ठिकाणी विद्युत पुरवठा उपलब्ध नसते.

  • kamalakanta chane 1 month ago

    Nice from odisha

  • Sunil Dalimkar 1 month ago

    खर्च किती लागील

  • kunal singh 1 month ago

    15 cow ka setup chahiye …Call me 8709462874

  • pratik taware 1 month ago

    Plz put mobile no with video to contact them

  • Nitin Dabhade 1 month ago

    10 gai sathi kiti kharch yeil

  • dont u use any nutrition?

  • Narmada Bhoir 1 month ago

    Kas Magvayc ha set
    Kay karc yetoy sar
    10 gay
    6 masi aht 8452865238

  • Mr Purushoth 1 month ago

    Water used is ph. Value .

  • Mr Purushoth 1 month ago

    Sir shade net 50% or 8o% . How many spoiler per tray fixing sir. How many times per day watering. How many minutes per time watering sir. During night time watering is needed or not. To avoid fungus mold worms flies what steps sir. Racks slops how much sir . Tray washable by water or other materials. Plz reply sir