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Todays episode is on the Top 10 uses of Vinegar in Gardening, listed and explained one by one. Vinegar – chemically called Acetic Acid with the Chemical formula – CH3COOH (that means the elements are Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen in it). This is an inexpensive product and easily available and used in kitchen worldwide in a concentration of 5 percent generally and here we refer to the white vinegar or distilled vinegar. So, In Gardening, Can it be used as a Fertilizer? No! because its chemically made up of Carbon Hydrogen and Oxygen –CH3COOH and the plants can easily get these elements from the air. SO it’s a MYTH, not a fact. So what are the actual proven uses of Vinegar or Acetic acid in Gardening. Lets list out one by one: 1. It Kills Weeds or unwanted grass when sprayed directly without diluting. This works very well in cracks and crevices. But you have to be careful when applying close to your favourite plants. The mechanism of action here is it dissolves the cell membranes resulting in desiccation of tissues and death of the plant. 2. To Drive away Ants around your plants. Just pour undiluted solution around the ant hills or around the plants / soil. If you have faced this problem practically and the difficulties when ants burrow around your favourite plant and you fear that your plant might be destroyed, you will realize the importance of this benefit. 3. To Drive away some animals like Cats and dogs who can damage your plants by digging the soil or breaking your soft plants and succulents. This is because of its pungent smell which animals hate. The hack here is to soak any cloth in vinegar and place in important areas in your garden. 4. It can be […]

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