Added by on 2016-09-03 Learning a few words of Vietnamese can bring loads of fun to travel in the country. The Vietnamese people are very receptive to foreigners who try to learn a few words of their language. In this, the first in a series of language classes for travellers, we cover some basic vocabulary and some of the challenges the language presents. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsLearn Dutch for beginners : garden items in Dutch languageGardening ClassOtis Architecture/Landscape/Interiors Class of 2010 InstallationFREE Online Gardening Class with Jake Mace – RIGHT NOW!Free Gardening Class with Expert URBAN FARMERthe Best 5 Gallon Bucket Aeroponics The easiest aeroponics system to build Full Class HD tutorial

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  • Memestreamer Inc. 1 year ago

    Warning to people living in southern migrant Vietnamese communities in the U.S: Do not address them with "Đồng Chí" or risk getting beaten up hahah

  • Elni Nguyễn 1 year ago

    oh chú nói tiếng việt chuẩn ghê

  • Anh Nguyen 1 year ago

    great man! good job, Mark

  • hoggath hogg 1 year ago

    definitely taking the xin chao path mate !

  • Kim chi 1 year ago

    Maybe because I speak with Northern accent, but you pronounce some words really off, like bô, phở, chị, xạo. I know Southerner don't use dấu nặng and don't pronounce dấu hỏi that clear, but since you said you went more for a Northern dialect in this vid I couldn't help to be bothered. We also say trời ơi sometimes 🙂 But your Viet is really good, you're probably the best foreigner I've heard so far and I understood 95%. But you sound more Southern than Northern haha.

  • Chính Nghĩa Tự Do 1 year ago

    For more accuracy, this is mostly the North language (Northese). The term
    "Vietnam, Vietnamese" are one of the biggest lie in modern human history. Before the "Vietnam" term era, the North people (Great Viet, Tonkinese) and the South people (Annam and Cochinchine) are different on history, language, some aspects of culture. But on the "Vietnam" era, they both are being called "Vietnamese".

  • Minh Hải Phạm 1 year ago

    You are foreigner with good Vietnamese skill, How long time do you live in Viet Nam ?

  • Peter Fritz Walter 1 year ago

    Y're a great guy, Mark. I enjoy your 'informal' teaching but it's really cool and funny and easy to absorb. I am learning Vietnamese with ASSIMIL, a method from France that is called 'la méthode intuitive.' I have learnt quite a few languages with it, including Chinese and Japanese. I am looking forward to my trip to HCMC and my Vietnamese lessons. The pronunciation is really hard in the beginning … thanks so much for your course!

  • Knight night 1 year ago

    Your are good of Vietnam language.

  • nevermagic 1 year ago

    Dam so hard learn vietnam, it's so hard say them to fast for me :D

  • Habibur Rahman 1 year ago

    Need to learn Vietnam Language for job purpose , I saw so many VDO's but your one is the best one, well done Mr. Mark Bowyer. Thanks for your kind effort.

  • Viet Nguyen 1 year ago

    Cảm ơn anh đã mang tiếng Việt ra với thế giới, cảm ơn.

  • Lười Tắm 1 year ago

    bạn nói tiếng việt chuẩn lắm mark. Cảm ơn bạn.

  • Thaomy Ngo 1 year ago

    Very impressed you can switch to the southern accent which i use , living in MD the southern accent is more prevalent and I defin have trouble understanding northern accents

  • imapisces1 1 year ago

    Australian Vietnamese. Hilarious.

  • Vinh Le 1 year ago

    I Was born in Vietnam and i know the language

  • tùng xèng 1 year ago

    where are you from, Mark?

  • Steneste Lee 1 year ago

    Perfect name rusty compass. But really love your way of teaching, by slow integration.

  • Huu Quach 1 year ago

    amazing…you speak English very good

  • hạ nhật 1 year ago

    phải công nhận rằng chú nói tiếng anh giỏi vãi, phát âm lại chuẩn nữa.