Video surveillance is one of the most effective and widespread deterrents to intrusions. It is possible to contact specialized companies or purchase the video surveillance kits, where the system components are already present and the purchaser can only think about the installation. Yes, because these kits are designed to simplify things for those who want to equip themselves with a video surveillance system without bleeding into the purchase and installation costs; the components are a DVR (the digital video recorder of the images), the cameras and cables or cameras capable of recording the images inside them; there are models already configured to activate as soon as they are connected to the power supply. Of course, due to their characteristics they are not aimed exclusively at private users, but also at professional users, for the video surveillance of commercial activities and public establishments.

Sign of a video surveillance area

A video surveillance kitAn IP camera is the simplest method for novice users who approach video surveillance systems for the first time. The simplicity of installation and use make it a vehicle within everyone’s reach, for shopping and management, as it is often set up for automatic activation as soon as it is turned on. Today the market offers advanced cameras that in addition to detecting and recording the actions that occur within their range of action are able to record them inside, avoiding the wiring necessary to connect to a DVR. Technology breaks down barriers, it is well known, by connecting it to the web and installing the management software that is supplied on a practical installation CD, it becomes possible to manage it remotely. They are generally supplied with the included power supply.

A DVRThe analog kits are the right answer to the most diverse needs, simple to install with their pre-packaging, small but complete; expandable as needed, if the user’s needs change. Generally they consist of a DVR, a monitor and two or four outdoor cameras, a power supply, the remote control for the DVR and the sign indicating the presence of a video surveillance area. They can have 4 or 8 video inputs, depending on the model. The recording can be done manually, with programming by the user or by impulse from the motion detection sensor. The hard disk has a capacity of 500 Gb and, if necessary, can be extracted from the DVR. Also present is the motion detector which, for the uninitiated, the set of algorithms used to recognize movement within a video.

Outdoor cameras in kitThe systems are capable of digital zoom live and playback, in addition it is possible to have the display on the mobile phone or PDA. For greater connectivity you can configure them to receive e-mails about events with attached images. It is possible to manage the pivoting cameras to increase the surfaces covered by them, for better control of the areas covered.The simplicity of use is also highlighted by the management menu that is displayed on the screen, making all operations simple, even with the control via mouse. The power supply takes place with power supplies supplied with the system that feed in low voltage, at 12 V. The atmospheric conditions hardly make it difficult for these systems that can operate with temperatures from – 25 C up to + 40 C and a relative humidity included. between 10 and 90%.

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