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  • Jay Ziggy 1 year ago

    you guys really need to do one on the 2x2x4 setup?

  • Salim93 1 year ago

    ik wil dat koopen was is die prijs van dat .?

  • Mike Allen 1 year ago

    When you installed the air cooled light, how are you going to raise and lower your light? You left no slack in the ducting at all.?

  • Jonathan Handel 1 year ago

    NEVER touch a mh or hps bulb without gloves?

  • igor bakovic 1 year ago

    what about the intake fan? You don't have that??

  • Mick Ming 1 year ago

    What is the Measuring tools?

  • mohit joshi 1 year ago

    Very well explained in a very easy way. Thanks for the sharing of the video. You guys doing great job. For additional helpful info you people can check

  • Jonathan Handel 1 year ago

    NEVER touch a grow bulb with your hands… the oils on your skin get onto the bulb which can cause it to explode when turned on.?

  • Erik Coulombe 1 year ago

    the tent needs a window and cinch ties for the duct socks.?

  • bishplis 1 year ago


  • DirtPoorFarmer 1 year ago

    What size light do you recommend in the 4×4 and how many plants if I am growing in soil I have grown before but not in a tent so any advice would be a great help thanks for ur time in advance?

  • Ilya Vorobiev 1 year ago

    This guy is so fucking boring?

  • cosmictywlite 1 year ago

    I see you blow air into your`cooling Light & your not sucking the air through,I have heard that if you suck the air through your` grow

  • cosmictywlite 1 year ago

    G DAY. I would really like to know, the name of the Fan & Carbon Filter set up,you were using,it looks like the Size would be just right for some one I know,oh & about the cost! Cheers from Downunder?

  • HeyHeyHarmonicaLuke 1 year ago

    On light hanging yoyos:
    Advice for beginners – you can rotate the little ring on the bottom so the string gets pulled into the screw thread. This locks it in place.
    My question – what the hell does the big metal, main bolt screw do? Anything??

  • bigjim10011 1 year ago

    Which is better an open reflector or air cooled??

  • mike weston 1 year ago

    Love the actors?

  • Vanky Cungy 1 year ago

    The disadvantage of hydroponics is that you will have to buy "plant food" or nutrients and supplements which can be pricey.?

  • Jacob Tiffin 1 year ago

    will 12 buckets fit in the tent?

  • Jon Maurice 1 year ago

    Sped up, not speeded. ?

  • Ronald Kleinman 1 year ago

    Great Video!?

  • HTG Supply 1 year ago

    You can purchase this on our website:

  • jonololl 1 year ago

    roots travel to a water source to drink

  • HTG Supply 1 year ago

    No. The roots do not seem to dry out. Flooding every 3-4 hours works well. Thanks.

  • Bernie Rauch 1 year ago

    I noticed the some of the roots will sit in air. Do you need to flood the buckets more often because there is no grow medium to hold moisture? How often? Like once every hour,1 1/2 hours or 2 hours?

  • Spencer Storck 1 year ago

    Ok cause that then uses just about all thats in the res. If i upgrade to a much larger res. it should be able to handle more correct?

  • HTG Supply 1 year ago

    This system is expandable to 18 sites.

  • Spencer Storck 1 year ago

    question I am looking purchase a system that can handle a lot of plants what is the maximum amount of pots able to be hooked up to one controller and a 55 gallon res. I already know im going to need multiple res and controller setups for the amount im looking for just tell me how many its capable of handling. Thanks

  • eric sanchez 1 year ago

    Give me some time I'll be getting the 12 set up, you know I think the music really did it for me, lol…

  • HTG Supply 1 year ago

    @wgparkh We were temporarily out of stock so we took the listing down from eBay, but should be getting them back in today. If you want to order today, you can find the system on our website:

  • Dezzy Freshy 1 year ago