I recently changed from horizontal to vertical oyster mushroom farming in hopes it would make my life easier.

I have fruited oyster mushrooms on a horizontal shelf since the beginning, and always found it tough to put more bags in the room and harvest bags when they were ready. The capacity to hold more bags was higher, but the difficulty in managing that space was also higher, and in the end i got tired of it. So I decided to shift from the intensive farming method of horizontal mushroom fruiting method to a more relaxed vertical fruiting method.

I home build a vertical shelf which can hold 48 bags. It’s well under half of the capacity of the horizontal shelves, which had a capacity of about 120 for the same space. But I never had these shelves more than half full as the management of that many bags on a shelf became too difficult. The vertical shelves are easy to harvest, load, unload, and clean.

I am going to build more of these shelves for my mushroom fruiting chamber.
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Vertical Vs Horizontal Mushroom Farming

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