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Vertical Vegetable Container Gardening all Year Round I just added a brand new vertical mini greenhouse with 4 tiers to grow food in my small space garden. SUBSCRIBE It’s a great addition to the garden as I am now able to use the vertical space for a variety of container plants. I use this type of stand to grow microgreens, baby leaf veggies, seedlings and even sick plants. It can also be used all year round,,I just add the greenhouse cover in the cooler months and keep on growing. I also like to use the greenhouse to raise plants much earlier than I could outdoors to give me a good head start before the grow season. Yes, that means earlier crops and more food on my plate year round. MINI GREENHOUSE VERTICAL MICROGREEN SHELVES MORE CONTENT @ PATREON SUBSCRIBE ORGANIC POTTING MIX 4.5 STARS WORM FARM STARTER KIT COMPOSTING WORMS 4.5 STARS THE LIQUID FERTILIZER I USE MICROGREENS SEEDS Microgreens Kit Related PostsJerry Baker’s Year Round Vegetable Gardening Summer Insect & Disease ControlJerry Baker's Year Round Vegetable Gardening Spring Soil EnergizingHydroponics Farm For Profit (Greenhouse – All Year Round Harvest and Vertical Farming)How to Grow a Vegetable Garden Year Round in South FloridaIndoor Gardening Year Round Edible Plants ~ Longevity SpinachYear Round Gardening Video Course

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  • martysgarden 11 months ago

    If you have the time take a look at my new store in Amazon. I have created a list of products that I recommend for small space gardeners. Everything from seeds, pots, growhouses, lights, soil, fertilizer and more. This mini greenhouse seen in this video, Gardman is the same model I am using in Australia. They just brand it under a different name here.

  • LCJ farms 11 months ago

    very cool

  • Jim Battaglia 11 months ago

    Marty I have one but I put the cover on it but if you do be careful because the wind can tip them over. Need to be secured. You probably will have no problem since it is next to wall with no cover. Excellent for micro greens. Right?

  • Rev John O'Toole 11 months ago

    I use the chrome wire shelves with wheels, the wheels helps me move it around with all the trays on it.

  • Tigerdeer 11 months ago

    Hi Mart. Is this seller on Amazon based in Australia? It says they don't ship to my address.