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John from goes on a field trip to the Chicago O’hare Airport to share with you the World’s First Aeroponic Vegetable Garden at an Airport. In this episode, you will learn how ORD airport is taking a leadership approach in sustainability as well as learn how they are feeding 10,000+ people a year when growing 1,100 crops at one time in their Vertical Tower Aeroponic Garden. After watching this eposide, hopefully you realize, if they can grow food in the 2nd busiest airport in the USA, you can easily grow food at home. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodFuture Growing® Tower Garden® Farm At O’Hare International AirportThe World’s Largest Indoor Farm Produces 10,000 Heads of Lettuce a Day in JapanJardín vertical más grande del mundo con 85.000 plantas / World’s Largest Vertical GardenMy Thoughts on the Vertical Tower Garden SystemThe Plant: My Beer Feeds Your Fish!

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  • chkngrl 1 year ago

    I love how everyone is so supporting of this yet they are not taking into account all of the toxins that are produced at an airport. I personally would not want to consume any vegetative matter that was in an area where planes are constantly taking off and landing. This is the same reason you are not supposed to pick any type of food that is growing near the edge of a road. It is full of toxins. Also, how healthy do you think those bees truly are living in that environment. We are trying to prevent colony collapse, not breed weak and sick bees. I don't want everyone to think I am against hydroponic grow towers, I think they are amazing when used in the right setting. I just feel that an area as polluted as an airport is not the right setting.

  • Tara Allen 1 year ago

    We live in Miami fl and have 4 towers that grow outside.  Its so nice to be able to grow so much year round.

  • DrgnFlys 1 year ago

    Looks like a million dollars worth of equipment and energy for about 10k in food every year. I do appreciate the innovation.

  • Cathy Campagna 1 year ago

    I've been growing in Tower Gardens for almost 3 years now and love them! I still can't even grow a house plant but I can grow 3 Tower Gardens :)

  • Andrew5151 1 year ago

    Share my thoughts … you're not worthy

  • Petra Hatu 1 year ago

    I would do this with Aquaponics and under natural light… great idea…!

  • John Byng 1 year ago

    This looks like greenwash to me.  I prefer my vegetables grown naturally and in an organic way that does not require inputs of nutrients but which relies instead on sustaining the fertility of the soil by means of rotations, animal manure, green manure and compost.  This system uses lots of energy, brought in nutrients and my guess is that they need pesticides too.
    Airports work hard on their greenwash to divert attention from the environmental impacts of subsidised aviation.

  • womanofclay 1 year ago

    Thanks for posting this video!  I live nearby and even use the airport, I never even heard about this garden.  Great stuff!

  • KD Churchill 1 year ago

    i would absolutely love to be involved with this somehow can someone contact me to discuss….

  • KD Churchill 1 year ago

    I am SOOOO incredibly proud of you Ohare and chicago!!! this is the future city that i see in my dreams that is NOW here in a small percent!!