Vertical strawberry planter ideas
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This video looks at how to assemble and hang the Polanter vertical planter. The Polanter is a vertical and modular planter with an integral watering facility. It has a modular design feature which is easy to assemble and can be built into a variety of lengths to suit your own requirements. Carefully positioned holes mean it’s unique design allows for a host of year round planting possibilities from bedding plants, flowers, herbs, vegetables, salad, fruit, cacti, to heathers and alpines. It’s easy care design is ideal for the most novice of gardeners. Connect your garden hose to the base for just 60 to 90 seconds a day and watch your Polanter flourish!

Vertical strawberry planter ideas

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  • SuperSaltydog77

    In my location I have a problem with birds. They will destroy a strawberry patch in a short amount of time. So I've been looking for ideas that will be easy to protect with netting, simple to build and maintain, made with wood instead of plastic. At 2:35 I see a perfect idea that combines all the features I'm looking for plus being vertical for space saving and easy on the back. TY very much. PS, your link to is messed up.

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