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The small weak looking plants were just put into the planters today – I will keep you updated on my facebook group on how they grow -Vertical planters deters critters from eating your crops -To deter pest bugs apply vinegar+soap solution to the outside of the boxes -Tomato , peppers, strawberries, herbs, root veggies, bush plants will all grow on this system – they will either droop or rise around the next level -Less exposed soil = less bugs -Hydroponics require a great deal of water and synthetic chemical nutrients, with yearly mulch addition (from composted food) the soil will stay nutrient rich – also hydroponics wont work in arid deserts because there is nothing to prevent the water from evaporating -They say “we wont have enough food to feed 9 billion people and the only way is biotech” I call bullshit. Grass is useless and elitist. We have millions of acres of grass which could be organic permaculture food forests. For the city build upwards with pallet systems like this – sell off the vine in stores and farmers markets, by simply capping the bottom of the drain system -hook up lights and grow food in your basement over the winter. -If you own land dig 4 feet under the surface and cover it with clear plastic tarp and create a year round greenhouse -massive amounts of food per square foot with a system like this. -They sky is not the limit !! Feed the world! DIY building instructions Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVertical strawberry and pallet plantersVertical pallet planters with automatic watering. Video of completed project soon!BUILDING A VERTICAL PALLET potato GARDEN DIYBuild a Hanging Vertical Pallet Garden to Grow Food on WallsHow to make a vertical pallet planter for growing herbs and flowers – […]

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