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New Zealand Spinach — a fast-growing vine often carpeting sections of gardens. The vines grow so thick for weeds cannot emerge. I thought, try the spinach plants in a vertical sheet. A green wall, a living curtain. Will the spinach plants grow into a green, edible curtain? Could tube hydroponics and New Zealand spinach grow a vertical sheet meters wide and meters high? I planted several NZ spinach seeds between stevia plants. I thought, the stevia will grow up, the NZ spinach down. Freezing winter killed the stevias. Only one remains. Only one of the NZ spinach plants survived. Yet that plant formed a drape from the PVC tube to the earth. A success. Proof of concept. And a failure. In the video, I show how the root mass of the NZ spinach blocks the flow of solution through the tube. The last stevia plant struggles to survive. In the future, if I want to try the vertical green curtain/wall concept again, I must modify the PVC tube to avoid root jam and allow for flow end to end. Even if I employ a perforated drip pipe to water several NZ plants, the tube will not drain and the roots will rot in the stagnant water. So, for now, the NZ spinach goes to dirt. In this video, I show the damming of the water flow. I pull out the spinach, transplant it in an “Earth Machine” converted to a composter. In the past, I grew vines I found at the ancient city of Teotehuacan out of composters. The roots of the Teo vines accelerated the decomposition of the organic debris to soil and the compost produced squash the size of basketballs. I will attempt a vertical garden from the composter. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsIndoor Hydroponic Spinach Update […]

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