Vertical Linear Aquaponics, is the process of high density food production, utilizing all three planes, Length, Width, and Height….while streamlining planting and harvesting.
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Vertical Linear Aquaponics 3.0 -Short

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  • bo ter berg

    NFT is known for clogging ( both the horizontal pvc pipes & the feed, even in hydroponics). The pvc tubes where the lettuce grows in are a LOT of work & money to make, and not the easiest way (DWC seems a lot simpler imo, especially in adding plants and letting them mature). If your space is constricted, like in a space-ship, or in a building (where you'd need additional lighting) other ways of growing stuff are more efficient. If you have soil, don't go for ponics, as it is much more work & investment, just use some permaculture ideas to conserve water (i.e. mulching, wicking, hugelculture n stuff). If you don't have soil, ponics are great, but there are simpler ways, especially for growing stuff like lettuce. Everything that promises you it'll simplify the growing is just another gadget peeps try to sell. The simpler, the less things can go wrong.

  • Warren Kleinman

    website is non existent. Product is non existent. You can make your own.. Also there is no "vermacore medium" on the market. And vermi means worms, so I would find this highly suspect.

  • Sophiane Ladjel

    one of the best design ever seen for aquaponics system . could you please help out to design my commercial aquaponic system? i,m ready to pay if you want. please get in touch .thx

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