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MedMen recently converted a traditional single-tier cultivation facility using high pressure sodium (HPS) lights into a multi-tier vertical grow light farm using Fluence SPYDR and RAZR LED lighting systems. See more: The new facility is optimized to increase revenue per square foot, with all phases of plant cultivation — from propagation to bloom — growing under Fluence vertical LED lights. This transformation has: -Decreased cycle time on eight-week strains by up to 25 percent, reducing production time by 5 to 7 days for retail flower market and by 12 to 14 days for oil-extraction and derivatives markets. -Reduced the cost per pound of finished product by 300 percent. -Decreased energy consumption per light fixture by 40 percent, going from approximately 1,100 watts per light to 660 watts per light. -Reduced heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) load by approximately 35 percent per square foot of canopy. -More than doubled production per square foot; reduced land requirements by 50 percent. -Increased crop yield by 157 percent while reducing water and fertilizer usage. -Improved consistent, year-round flower quality and chemotype with denser trichrome development. MedMen Management offers turnkey solutions to cannabis license holders in the areas of cultivation, extraction, production and retail operations. Fluence Bioengineering is a LED grow light manufacturer located in Austin, TX. Fluence’s goal is to evolve the way the world cultivates food, medicine and our collective understanding of photobiology. We have combined more than a century of expertise in photobiology research, semiconductor design and lighting design to explore high-PPFD cultivation, wavelength impact on plant morphology, and photoperiodic response. Related PostsCannabis Vertical Farm with LED Grow Lights from BML HorticultureCannabis Vertical Farm with LED Grow Lights from BML HorticultureWaterproof T8 LED Grow Light Tubes For Vertical Farming▶ Vertical CANNABIS Grow Day 35 Flower REPOSTAffinor Growers Vertical Cannabis Grow […]

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  • IRIE Farms 1 year ago

    Beautiful to See Fluence partner with a Wide variety of Clients which specializes in different styles of growing.

    Great Job

  • Unorthodox RGT 1 year ago

    Ive been researching and understand the different par colors, but why are other peoples videos with the same spydr light pinkish in color…but the spydr lights in this video white?

  • bishplis 1 year ago

    vertical? you keep using that word but i dont think it means what you think it means

  • Cr remedies 1 year ago

    how do they prevent powder mildew

  • elliot classen 1 year ago


  • Don't eat Bill Cosby's gravy 1 year ago

    Not seeing the spydrx 1200 on your website. Do you deliver overseas?

  • Malik Spydr 1 year ago

    loving the content and product god bless America ♡♡★

  • Monster OG 1 year ago