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DISADVANTAGES OF AZOLLA AS FEEDS FOR CHICKENS Do chickens really love Azolla? Hello there, my name is Jon, and I want to share to you some of my experiences in organic and integrated farming. Today I’d like to focus on the topic of feeding Azolla to the chickens. You probably have seen so many videos already showing chickens eating Azolla. But well do chickens really love to eat Azolla? There is no doubt that Azolla is one of the favorite meal of our Chickens. But if you are thinking of feeding your chicken with only Azolla to save 100% on the feed cost, then this video is for you. Chickens have a wide range of diet. They are naturally omnivores, which means in their natural habitat, they do eat a wide variety of food including worms, small snails, insects, seeds, plants and sometimes small pebbles to help them crashed and digest their food. At the start, if it’s first time for your chickens to eat azolla, then they will probably go crazy for it for the whole day and will not get bored. Now I’m talking about here of giving your chickens with pure azolla. Without any mix of other meals or commercial feeds. 100% Azolla full feeding. Alright then, the next day try feeding them again with only azolla in the morning. And for sure, they will consume it, leaving their plate empty. But come lunch time, you will notice that by the time you gave them their second round of azolla ration for the day, they will refuse to eat it. Yes you read me right, they will not eat the azolla. They will probably taste it, out of curiosity, thinking maybe if by chance there is any difference. Or they will check if there is anything in […]

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  • KENZA MEDIA 3 months ago

    Azolla Seeds All Kerala Delivery :9400485838 (WhatsApp/Call)

  • Pritam Nalawade vlogs 3 months ago

    10% azolla mix with commercial feed is best food for chikens

  • rochrich 3 months ago

    Read the comments. Good info I didn't catch just watching the video.

  • Tamilarasan K 3 months ago

    I want to contact you, if you interested to share your number. Pls give me.

  • Tamilarasan K 3 months ago

    Really nice video Bro, I can understand, azolla is a good food for chicken but not 100% alternative for commercial food. If I want to decrease my cost of food, Then I can mix azolla with commercial products. Good try to understand our backyard chickens character. Thanks Bro.