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  • Manuel Orbea Otaola 1 year ago

    It might sound very stupid but, how do you suspent the palet vertically on the wall? 


  • Sparky Mahoney 1 year ago

    She's growing herbs alright, and smoking them!

  • Julia Matta 1 year ago

    Hi Trudy. If you check out your video anytime – maybe you could ADD ANOTHER VOICE-OVER, as the sound quality hasn't come out very well; which is a shame as this is a lovely video. Thanks for posting it.
    (Also it might be an idea to nail a slice of wood to base)

  • kathberry8 1 year ago no mind to the critics..I smiled when you showed the closeup of your tools on the dear..but hay!how did you hang these and also,I think you should do another vid of your whole yard..I suspect it's interesting..pleeze do!..

  • tootz1950 1 year ago

    You kidding???  If it doesn't have sound WHY put it on?  GG

  • C8lin Vantel Pearls Independent Consultant 1 year ago

    to bad i cant here it 🙁 

  • Daisy Buchanan - Gatsby 1 year ago


  • 52memor 1 year ago

    Don't cry. You were brilliant at the commentary.
    This video is exactly what I wanted.
    Many thanks 

  • Don't Usually Comment 1 year ago

    Thanks for showing us how to put dirt in them, but you guys missed showing us how to build them.

  • John Pownall 1 year ago

    Seriously need to crank up your audio hey! I literally couldnt hear any of the opening scene. Great vids tho


  • Teresa Harris 1 year ago


  • lambot sheperd 1 year ago


  • auroraglacialis 1 year ago

    Sadly the sound is off at times. I have a question though – how do you keep the soil from falling out in the front when some of the plants are finished (those that are growing only for one year) or when they go into winter hibernation? The soil then is not held in place as well until it is replanted in the next spring – is it possible to overwinter this thing? Or is it only usable for periannual plants ?

  • M. Morhaus 1 year ago

    good idea, thanks