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Build a vertical herb garden that uses little patio space and functions like a spinning, spice rack! Huge yield of herbs in a small footprint. Made with repurposed tomato support cages! Designed by Shirley Bovshow. Want to have access to fresh spices straight from your garden? Learn to build a “living spice rack”! It even spins, just like a spice rack should! “Way to Grow” Garden designer Shirley Bovshow and her two apprentices, comedians Ariana Seigel and Emma Tattenbaum-Fine, take you through the basics with a fun Gardening 101 series. Shirley brings the expertise; Ari and Emma bring the cluelessness. If Shirley can teach them to garden, she can definitely teach you! Featuring Shirley Bovshow, Ariana Siegel and Emma Tattenbaum-Fine Director of Photography… Nathan Blair Editor…. Melyssa Vazquez Sound mixer… Chris Hall Have any gardening questions for Shirley? Leave your comments below and Shirley will answer them. More from Shirley: Shirley Bovshow’s funny, warm and accessible personality made her a garden television favorite in North America as the co-host and designer of the “Garden Police” makeover show on the Discovery Home channel and popular expert on HGTV, Style Network, USA, and other major national media outlets. Based in hot, dry, Los Angeles, Shirley shares design ideas and makeovers from her professional landscaping projects on her top rated, “Eden Makers Blog” , and her new blog, Foodie Gardener. Shirley has partnered with professional producers, writers and editors from garden television to produce multiple original garden video series for the web. Her shows include the international, “Garden World Report,” “Garden Center TV”, and “Garden Makeover TV.” More from Ariana Seigel and Emma Tattenbaum-Fine can be found at Category: Howto & Style License: Standard YouTube License Subscribe to DIGS! DIG us on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, & […]

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  • DiamondMoon9000 4 years ago

    Herbs, very spicy leafs, and Very hit peppers like Ghost pepper and others etc.

  • Seth Lewis 4 years ago

    Hi Shirley! Where did you get the planter box from?

  • Han Real Gus 4 years ago

    Herbs not erbs

  • mindlesskittles 4 years ago

    This is amazing! Any thoughts on how do do it on a smaller scale? Lazy susan maybe?

  • Paleo Star 4 years ago

    I grow my herbs outside, actually made a video about it, but I haven't been able to grow basil, it just won't grow, not sure why :(

  • Nicole D 4 years ago

    Thats neat

  • dude, this is like SO smart. I totally love it oh my glob.

  • CuteSeamus 4 years ago

    omg… i love this idea… forgot you can grow up like this… hugs Shirley…

  • GardenCenterTV 4 years ago

    Hi Tanfeliz- Glad you like the design!

    Basil is especially demanding of light when grown indoors- up to 12 hours per day so yes, a grow light is in order! Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!
    Shirley- "Way to Grow"

  • GardenCenterTV 4 years ago

    Hi Inneractchannel- thanks for your question, it's Shirley.
    Remember that this "living spice rack" is planted on all sides of the tomato cage, so make sure to rotate it daily if it's indoors. A grow light will be helpful but you'll have to make sure you give the plants consistent lighting.

    If you want to grow parsley indoors, you may want to do it by itself near a bright window or with help of grow lights.

  • GardenCenterTV 4 years ago

    Hi, it's Shirley! Thanks! Enjoy our videos.

  • DIGS Channel 4 years ago

    Always! Basil is so amazing.

  • DIGS Channel 4 years ago

    We think it's always a good idea to use a grow light indoors, yes. But Shirley could answer more to this as the expert.

  • DIGS Channel 4 years ago

    You're welcome! 😀

  • 21stTributeslamm 4 years ago

    A really samrt idea for people that has little lot space. Thanks again DIGS^_^

  • Rae Tattenbaum 4 years ago

    What a great idea. I'm absolutely going to make one. But I never have had much luck growing parsley indoors. Do you think I need a grow light (I have large east facing windows)?
    Marge and Rae

  • DIGS Channel 4 years ago

    So great for cooking! 😀

  • DIGS Channel 4 years ago

    Thanks for watching!

  • GardenCenterTV 4 years ago

    Lighting, lighting lighting for good indoor basil!

  • Teresa Fawkes 4 years ago

    Well that might be the problem then. I'm thinking about getting supplemental light for some other plants as well, like my pineapple top which is growing like crazy. But yeah I would love to be able to have a thick beautiful basil!