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Find out more at Sign up for my newsletter at Conor Crickmore quit his job in the city and moved to the country. There he started an organic farm from scratch and never looked back. His farm became super successful due to his simple systems. He now works to help small farms succeed. His a well known educator throughout the world in small scale market farming and has been very successful at earning a good living growing vegetables on a small plot. He farms without a tractor and uses mostly hand tools. He also designs tools and hosts online courses in farming and gardening. Online Courses can be found at – Tools can be found at – Equipment I use at Neversink Farm Greens Harvestor – Paperpot – Use this discount code for 5% off @neversink_paperpot_5 Sillage Tarps – Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVertical Gardening – Garden Bed Reshape – Planting Runner Beans & Peas on a Cattle Panel TrellisKids Garden Peas Growing KitVertical Container Vegetable Gardening: Planting Cool Weather Lettuce, Peas, Spinach & ArugulaUS city adopts eco-friendly ‘vertical farming’THESIS 2013 RMUTT – INNOVATION VERTICAL FARMING FOR FUTURE IN BANGKOK (HD)How to Grow Peas from Seed – Organic Vegetable Gardening

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  • tushar jagtap 9 months ago

    How much distance should be taken in to two rows and plant to plant and how much yeild is taken through a single plant

  • Sonny Moon 9 months ago

    That crunchy ending sounds DELICIOUS !!!

  • gnc1962 9 months ago

    Hi Coner, Do you do secession with the peas? How long will this variety produce? Before a row is done producing, can you plant another row in the old row, and will it grow up with the old vines in place? Thanks 🙂

  • Jeremy Ksor 9 months ago

    I’m Montagnards indigenous I love snap pea fry with shrimp or cook with fish so tasty.

  • Timothy Lovegrove 9 months ago

    Will that set up work for tomatoes? looking for an alternative to the Florida weave

  • flavio guzman 9 months ago


  • Gavin Matthews 9 months ago

    Like the trellis its just star pickets 20mm PVC Tee? what's the cross beams/polls and type of netting?

  • Alexis Rodriguez 9 months ago

    Hello Conor, thanks for the vidéo. Could you confirm that you move this system evry year to other beds?

  • da ne 9 months ago

    vertical peas are good for shading  other plants if its hot hot summer or a fence around the garden for chickens to eat.

  • David Mooney 9 months ago

    great video. I was wondering if you have an trouble with high winds in your area of the world?

  • Dick Head 9 months ago

    At the end of the season, won't it be very time-consuming to disentangle the dead pea/bean vines from the netting?

  • Browntown Homestead 9 months ago

    Great looking peas. I didn't think they did well in the summer?

  • saucercrabzero 9 months ago

    Conor, would you do a video where you basically take us through a morning walk-through, or perhaps just a regular day on the farm? I feel like that would be very helpful and instructive.

  • Randal Haines 9 months ago

    Love your trellising! We've found super sugar snap peas to be a really great crop and pretty profitable! We get about 130 lbs per 100' row total yield at $7/lb Canadian. No washing and easy bagging are really appreciated! Plus, they sell as fast as we can get them out pretty much!

  • Moonset Valley Farm 9 months ago

    Are you spying on my farm? Two days ago I was trying to find a good bin for scraps in my wash station and yesterday I started YouTubing peas and beans. Thank you for the content

  • Colleen Rodamer 9 months ago

    Never thought of using a bird like net for the peas great idea

  • aslan köksal 9 months ago

    beneficial video thanks..

  • Ernest Bragiel 9 months ago

    Hi Conor. This is a great video providing a lot of insight. May I ask what is the trellis material? Thanks in advance.

  • Hercules Constellation 9 months ago

    You deserve a thousand times more subscribers! (but still early days I guess).. 🙂