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With the DWC presenting some issues, I felt that going back to coco wold be a good way to hedge my bets and would more importantly, give me a chance to see the true potential of the vertical configuration. Related PostsHYDROPONIC GROWING MEDIUM GUIDE – COCO NOIRDay 37 autoflower grow update , plus beginning of hydro coco methodDickson Despommier On Vertical FarmingCoco Coir Grow Media Hydroponics 101Soil vs Hydro vs Coco Blend for Indoor Gardening and HydroponicsHow to start growing hydroponics from seeds with rockwool cubes

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  • Soodank 1 year ago

    that must have taken a lot of power for 1/2 of what you could have gotten per light. jorge cervantes says to be efficient and thus effective with growing you should be trying to grow the most cannabis you can with the least amount of space and the least amount of electricity. just seems like alot of work for what you could have gotten. know the peeps on 600w vertical (gavita se) at 3 a light when its perfected.

  • Soodank 1 year ago

    why are you shooting the light at the other lights?

  • Dan Luhrsen 1 year ago

    tight!!!! looks dope

  • cloudy nightz 1 year ago

    In my experience if 4000 watts is your limit it's more beneficial to have 1 1000 stacked above another so in short if it were my room and I had the same variables as you do,I would condense the bulb arrangement into 2 sections of 1 on top of the other and set my plants into 7 foot diamiter circles surrounding the light. This is the optimum range in witch the plants will react too a vertical set up using 1000s and as an added benefit the whole space in witch you are using you could fit more plants and bulbs if your budget permitted so.

  • Antkushout 1 year ago

    keep it going sub!

  • Lucy Fur 1 year ago

    Any vertical updates? Like to see how it's going!

  • P Bizzle 1 year ago

    I think if you shorten the distance to the light and pull the branches through and trim off anything thats not getting light you would be killin it.

  • Teejay F 1 year ago

    I may be wrong but seems like a ton or wasted space in this grow.

  • TODR34M 1 year ago

    Great to hear from you SUb, glad all is looking good!

  • BAT MAN 1 year ago

    Anyone know what the yield was for the last vertical grow?

  • tear from the clouds 1 year ago

    shout out to Myco and Goldcut…

  • tear from the clouds 1 year ago

    i like that your sticking with some coco. i'm curious to see if the yields increase with this style of growing(vertical)??..

  • MAC M.I.C. 1 year ago

    SMOKED BACON….. don't ask..

  • MAC M.I.C. 1 year ago

    NL#5x Haze;) Old School genetics vs. overworkerd  cali hybrids. Not much out here in Cali these daze.

  • MAC M.I.C. 1 year ago

    Check out Sensi Seeds Ed Rosenthal Superbud. Thought the yeild potential, quality & rarity of this strain amongst others were unique. Jack Herer….

  • MAC M.I.C. 1 year ago

    Thanx 4 the vid. Always interesting.

  • Kyle Kush 1 year ago

    No free speech … Haha

  • Kyle Kush 1 year ago

    You used to make videos to help people grow … When you don't show the negative .. You just make videos to make yourself look good ..

  • ziggieization 1 year ago

    nice upload Sub thanks for sharing the ladies really missing the Battle of the Blooms

  • Anonymous 1 year ago

    I agree with this 1, keep the training towards the light should be super big… this is perfect example of how the head need light and will produce not matter where they are located. I look forward to this 1….. and SUBLC please please please please do a ebb and flow grow what here in the UK we call flood and drain(iws system) ect. I recall the 1st vid's of that in that wearhouse on some super scale when you helped some people!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love to see you grow cheese(uk type) that's a big fav of England 😉