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An increasing number of growers are choosing high-density storage for their cannabis vertical growing operations to increase efficiency and save space. The video above shows what happened when a cannabis operation in Colorado installed high-density racks for vertical growing. The system allowed them to increase storage capacity in one of their growing canopies by 500% with high-density storage. For more information about cannabis vertical growing solutions, call us at 1-800-803-1083 or send us a message today at Related PostsVertical Growing Increases Efficiency at Colorado Cannabis OperationTripod Farms “Colorado Medical Caregivers” Indoor Cannabis growColorado’s Largest Indoor Cannabis Grow! Green Man Grow Facility Tour – Smokers Guide ColoradoCannabis High Density Mobile Vertical Growing Systems by Montel Inc.Colorado indoor grow lights transforms commercial agriculture growingGrowing Marijuana UnderWater in an Aquarium (ULTIMATE HYDROPONICS) in Colorado

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