Added by on 2016-03-21 Our Vertical Hydroponics System Automated Complete Grow Room grows more than 3x that of traditional grow rooms through VerticalPonic technology. VerticalPonics combines vertical hydroponics and SuperPonics. The BIG BUDDHA BOX is Vertical Hydroponics at its finest. This system Grows Up to 5x BIGGER and BETTER Yields than ANY Horizontal Traditional Growing Method Per Watt/Per Square Foot. Related PostsBest Vertical Grow Room | Big Buddha Box | Hydroponic Grow System | SuperClosetVertical Grow Room Hydroponic Grow System Big Buddha Box Grow Room SuperClosetGrow Room | Vertical Grow | Big Buddha BoxGrow Room Garden | How to Grow Hydroponics in Big Buddha Grow BoxPi Wall Vertical Hydroponic Grow System Living WallsVertical Hydroponic System & Grow Room Kit Setup Part 1

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  • joadhenry 1 year ago

    how much power does it all continuously draw, how's the smell, what's the yield per cycle. what are the dimensions and can I grow Indica for RSO medicine with these without the fascist cops thinking they can come clowning in to fuck up sick people's lives?