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Most vertical (well) geothermal systems circulate antifreeze down-hole for heat pumps. The “Earth Tube” system is a much simpler approach – blower circulates cold/hot air from the surface to underground, usually via buried plastic tubing. All the earth tubes that I’d seen previously were “horizontal” systems, meaning buried in trenches dug by a backhoe. Here, I drill small holes by hand with a Seymour post-hole auger. I show how such a system can achieve excellent efficiencies – coefficient of performance exceeding 15. In part 2 (, I describe how I constructed my pilot system Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVertical Geothermal Earth Tube (Part 2) – Greenhouse Heating/CoolingVertical Geothermal Earth Tube in New GreenhouseGeothermal Greenhouse Garden: April 20 2015Vertical Flooded Tube Version 4: Golden Goat Day 10 Week 2 FlowerVertical Earth Garden Design Simple DesignGeothermal Aeroponic Horizontal Garden – Do it yourself build to grow your own food.

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  • Jeff Cassman 1 year ago

    Morgan, great idea. Why did you choose the drainage pipe as opposed to say, PVC pipe? Did you have any problem with the non-cased well caving in?

  • Chris Daughtry 1 year ago

    Humidity was my concern. I was thinking of a three staged closed duct loop. It would have a blower forcing return air from the house through horizontal air tubes first, sloped away from the house with a small constant drain. Then the air will go into vertical wells like your system. A long slope up to the house and through a radiator with s closed loop of geothermal cooled water from the bottom of my pond. Any condensate from the radiator can drain down into the vertical wells. What do you think? I know it sounds elaborate but it could be ran with a 12 Vdc fan and pump. We are looking into options for an off grid earthberm home.

  • Chris Daughtry 1 year ago

    The vertical wells are open ended – correct? Do you think this would work close looped and for a home?