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What’s up everyone! Vertical Gardens, Microgreens, Hydroponics, Health Food, Visiting Strong Vertical Gardens. Special day today visiting my friends Grant and Debbie Strong. I have known these two for 25 years and have seen firsthand their business go from their home to a small warehouse to their own freestanding production facility in a few short years. They started out in the house next door to me with their original vertical gardens, microgreens, edible flowers, and of course, hydroponic setup. This early model grew into what you see here today. I have been wanting to go take a tour of the space since they opened it and had not had a chance to until today. Maybe you’re thinking of your own DIY vertical growing setup and need some guidance or perhaps would like to get some of their product to try, I invite you to check out to see more about what they are doing, reach out to them with any questions. There were intentional moments left out of the tour due to institutional knowledge, including what goes into the feed system. If you would like to reach out to me on your particular setup, I’d be happy to walk you through certain products of ours that will aid in your indoor growing. #verticalgarden #indoorgrowing #healthyfood #microgreens Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsNGO helps Syria refugees make ‘vertical gardens’ to grow foodBest Food to Grow Indoors at Home Any Time of YearEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodVertical Grow System | Hydroponics HalifaxGrow Like A Greenhouse INDOORS | Day 30 Update | Vertical Lettuce GardenGrow Hydroponics with Re-circulating Compost Tea, Onsite recycle food waste into organic foods

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  • Intelligent Design 2 months ago

    What brand of sunglasses are those please dude, thanks.

  • Hong Situ 2 months ago

    Chinese supermarkets has peashoots since forever

  • Jonathan Brothers 2 months ago

    Great music track on this one! Very uplifting! What/Who is it? Btw, love their story! Thanks for sharing it!

  • Jaber 2 months ago

    Hey there! I have a question, that I seem to be having a hard time finding an answer to. My front lawn was sodded last year (new construction), it seems like the majority of it is KBG. I had some damage from winter and the grass repaired itself. Do you really need to overseed a KBG lawn?

  • The Lawn Care Nut 2 months ago

    I need some pea chutes down here in Florida!

  • The Lawn Guardian 2 months ago

    Really cool stuff! Thanks for sharing, John!

  • Jason G 2 months ago

    Interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing!

  • djfoti01 2 months ago

    Awesome to see people who take the risk of taking their business to the next level and being rewarded for their hard work. Their products look like they taste amazing! Do they incorporate any GCF products in the production of their products? Thanks for sharing!

  • Lush Lawns 2 months ago

    Very cool look into another industry.

  • Jay Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Cool, different from the usual video fare.

  • Jon Fokken 2 months ago

    It is amazing seeing the technology and thought process that goes into production gardening.

  • Broth 78 2 months ago

    What an awesome business. If I could I’d start one in Nashville! Probably big demand here.

  • Random Acts of Video 2 months ago

    Just ordered a 5 gallon bucket of the Humic 12.

  • Randy Greene 2 months ago

    Thanks John! Very interesting!

  • Josh Baker 2 months ago

    That was really cool, and this is coming from someone that doesn’t eat salad or veggies LOL

  • Jay Firebaugh 2 months ago

    Amazing! Looks like great stuff!

  • Christian Broussard 2 months ago

    How close is California from being able to order N-Ext products? I hear it’s closer than we think?

  • A’s Lawn and Landscaping 2 months ago

    Sweet video my brotha. Are you in Georgia as well as the plant? Your mountains in your backyard are deceiving to that!