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new video on my vertical strawberry growing set up hope you enjoy, and please send me any messages of your vertically gardening set ups and i will show them on one of my episodes! In addition if you have any questions shoot me a message through youtube =) Total Cost of this project is around 60-65$ using pine boards. In my area pine is cheapest at 5$ a 8 foot piece. Ceder in my area is 9.30$ and 8 foot piece. This is because no ceder grows in my area in oregon and it has to be planted, or trucked in from an eastern state. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsVertical strawberry and pallet plantersVertical Strawberry PlantersVertical Strawberry PlantersVertical Gardening Ideas, Green WallsStrawberry tower, vertical gardening.Building a Strawberry Wall – Vertical Gardening

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  • l33hd33r 1 year ago

    Great idea, will have to look at making something like this too! Mine are currently in a wheelbarrow but it takes up a lot of space for just 4-5 strawberry plants.

  • Margaret Esposito 1 year ago

    Dam good idea no animals will get strawberry

  • linygardener 1 year ago

    Nice setup! How do you deal with irrigation? Is it true you guys get lots of rain there in Oregon? Here in NY keeping them watered would be an issue, especially when theyre fruiting. Floating boxes tend to dry out quickly, since they dont have the buffer space of the ground. Do you intend to use an automatic timed drip system or just water them manually? I really love the idea of saving the space and extremely easy harvesting!

  • Patrick Meehan 1 year ago

    That's another great idea for growing strawberries. I saw a person using two Pallets with a board screwed on the bottom of
     every other section for strawberries. It's a good informative video and I have subscribed and hope you might too. Best wishes.

  • ElectronicTech1999 1 year ago

    Do you turn under three year old strawberries?

  • TheItalian Garden 1 year ago

    we put a dog toy in her collar and she was not happy about it lol!