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I love to grow vertically join me as I training the wisteria vines across a fence. (this episode spans the summer with before and after clips) Join me on Instagram for almost daily photos of gardening, healthy living and a peak into my private life. SUBSCRIBE: subscribe for free by clicking this link: WANT MORE: For over 80 episodes on growing a sustainable garden visit: ABOUT HOW TO GROW A GARDEN: Follow my journey to sustainable organic living as I attempts to grow most of my food all year long. LETS BE FRIENDS Let the chat continue! You can also join me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter where I often post insider fun stuff like photos and bloopers. Find me on Instagram @howtogrowagarden and share your garden pictures with me using the hashtag #howtograwagarden Want to see the bloopers and b-roll clips? You can find this on my Facebook fan page here: SOCIALMEDIA A LITTLE BACKGROUND ON SCARLETT Scarlett is an artist, entrepreneur and a passionate gardener. Scarlett is also a raw vegan foodist who loves gourmet raw vegan cooking. For many years now she has been growing almost all of her food all year round. Scarlett’s motto is grow what you eat and eat what you grow. Scarlett loves to share her knowledge about health, non-cooking and gardening with YouTube. She has two channels one How to grow a garden and the other BoTVGermany. (see link below) Scarlett’s journey to health started in 2011 after putting all of her energy into building a successful business for more than a decade she had lost the one thing money can not buy -her health. Scarlett now lives in Europe with her husband Bo and their cats, house trained rabbits and hand raised pet […]

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  • Da51lva 6 months ago

    Love wisteria and you are gorgeous too.

  • JB Smoov 6 months ago

    Have this wisteria break anything yet? Would love to see what it looks like now. I only hear horror stories about this plant.

  • Marianne Craigie 6 months ago

    I'm confused, Scarlett! I thought the spindly new growth that you are "training" was what I am suppose to be pruning to encourage blooms. Please explain this one. My main concern is getting the darn thing to bloom. I have great foliage every year, but NO blooms!! Grew up with wisteria and an Olde English-type garden loved the Wisteria most…just didn't pay attention. One of those things I wish I had of talked to my mom and dad about over the years…but I keep trying and they would be proud of that even without blooms. Thanks for your Videos.

  • Paula Johnson 6 months ago

    Do you have an updated video of the wisteria winding down the pole of your garage? I would like to understand how one can make the vine more dimensional and tips for how to do this on your own.

  • Stacy Foster 6 months ago

    Wonderful. You are incredible!

  • Curry and a Pint 6 months ago

    I've got a wisteria on the front of my house and looks lovely. 2 questions:
    1: The wires are being absorbed into the large stems (i.e. as it grows the main 'leader' is simply growing into the wire). Is this a problem?
    2: Our house is very old and made from a soft brick. What's the best way to support it over long periods of time (the life time of the wisteria)?

  • Alan Lavich 6 months ago

    Thanks. Great video! You never stop learning. Loved your neat knot-and-staple method of wisteria wrangling.
    Nice presentation—covered everything well and in a short period of time. Got me inspired.

  • Anne Fricker 6 months ago

    ut will it bloom next year? I thought you were supposed to cut back to 5 buds in autumn and to 2 buds in winter

  • allotmentlazyness 6 months ago

    inpresive plant you have there, nice tip with the string as well thanks

  • Erik Wappa 6 months ago

    Great vid Scarlett. love your rope trick.

  • Jim Conner 6 months ago

    Hey Scarlett – good to see you back on the air – Nice vid. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!!

  • MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living 6 months ago

    Wisteria is SOOOO beautiful. We have one and it was white, and we also had another purple one. Scarlett, I am glad to see you back on here! it has been a while!

  • Eco Oasis 6 months ago

    Cool wisteria training system you have there. You probably know this, but if you don't, the fragrant wisteria blossoms are yummy!  The sweet tasting blossoms are edible raw or cooked….but the rest of the plant is toxic!!!!!! Good to have you back Scarlett!(-: I look forward to your next video

  • jeanne orr 6 months ago

    loved the video ty

  • Patrick Meehan 6 months ago

    I like your videos because your full of very useful ideas. Nice Wisteria

  • Bevan Vahland 6 months ago

    love it scarlett. Your garden looks amazing. I shall share it and spread the word because gardening is great

  • brightpurpleviking 6 months ago


  • Sheri Fischer 6 months ago

    Lovely wisteria…will look so beautiful next year when it blooms!

  • Alberta Urban Garden Simple Organic and Sustainable 6 months ago

    That's going to look nice when it fills out !