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Complete guide to vertical gardening with ideas for every budget. 🌱Introduction 00:00 🌱Electrical Conduit Trellis 01:05 🌱 Wall Mounted Rebar Trellis 03:12 🌱Pre-Assembled Trellis 04:24 🌱Wall Mounted Grid Trellis 05:50 🌱Rebar Trellis (attached to raised beds) 06:49 🌱Ladders 8:00 🌱Gardener’s Jardin Rose Arches 8:45 🌱Poles and Stakes as Trellises 09:26 🌱Ladder Mesh Block Trellis 10:04 🌱Gardener’s Vertex Cages 11:11 🌱Welded Permanent Trellis 12:04 I’m often asked about the vertical structures in my garden — in this video I give details about each one including sources and the pros and cons for each type. I also share my best tips for vertical gardening. Resources from video: Large welded archway and tunnel, wall mounted trellises: Jardin Rose Arch: Articles and resources for vertical gardening: Vegetables that love to climb: Vertical Gardening: 10 Vegetables that Love to Climb 10 Ways to add vertical space to your garden: Vertical Gardening Ideas: 10 Ways to Add Vertical Space to Your Garden More about Ladder Mesh Block Trellises: Add Vertical Space in the Garden More about using ladders in the garden: Ladders in the Garden SUPPORT GROWING IN THE GARDEN Amazon Shop: Buy Harvest Calendar: Seeds: Seeds Now Buy Watering Grids: Growing in the Garden Raised Bed Mix at Arizona Worm Farm: LEARN MORE More places to find and learn from Growing in the Garden Blog: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest: Related Posts28 Greatest Vertical Gardening Ideas For Small Space Urban Gardeners | GARDENAmazing Vertical Gardening Design Tips | Vertical Garden Ideas for Balcony[ Watch Now ] 7 Ideas To Growing a VERTICAL GARDEN – Gardening TipsSmall Space Gardening Ideas – Vertical Pallet, Keyhole Garden, Wicking Raised Bed45 Clever and Cheap Vertical Gardening Ideas For Small Gardens | diy gardenTop 10 Decorative Plants for Vertical Garden | […]

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  • Incurable Romanticist 2 months ago

    Wonderful information and ideas. That’s the most beautiful garden ever!

  • Absolutely beautiful

  • candy crush addict 2 months ago

    Great video .first time on your channel. Will have some catching up to do. Greetings from Western Australia

  • Vito Guerrero 2 months ago

    4x4x10, 2x6x10, wire mesh. Made a long and wide tunnel from scrap wood. It holds all my beans, watercress, passion fruit, tomatoes. Plus I screwed in some boxes on the 4×4 to make a resting place for my dragonfruit. So 6 dragon fruit per r4x4 that are in the ground, 2×6 ran across them from 3ft high up to the top. 2×4 as ceiling rafters/joists, and wire nailed into the structure. I used rope to train the plants to the 3ft trellis.

  • Lina Draney 2 months ago

    What a beautiful and practical space!! Thank you!!

  • Susan Dudley 2 months ago

    Love your magical garden. Question do you have a critter problem in your area. Racoon, possum, rats, squirrels they may help themselves. If yes do you have a solution?

  • Lovely! I want a tour of your garden!

  • Gardening for Life 2 months ago

    Brilliant video very informative and great to see your bEautiful garden.

  • kid forever 2 months ago

    Did you sell your harvest or not?

  • Love your garden. We live in Melbourne inner city suburb and hardly any place to grow. We have a small rooftop garden for me to grow veggie. Thank you for sharing some ideas.

  • جمانه الشرق 2 months ago

    Keep going

  • Alona Cayanan 2 months ago

    Beautiful garden and great tips, thanks!!

  • Assia Akis 2 months ago

    Ohhhh!!!! So beautifulllll! Such a great idea for my garden!!!! Blessings from Greece!!!

  • Kathy Mallonee 2 months ago

    Gorgeous garden! Thank you for sharing the type of trellises you use!

  • Jonita Ingram 2 months ago

    So many excellent examples. So helpful. Thank you.

  • Ono Rasa 2 months ago

    Your video is good. Thank you for your tips