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Vertical Gardening – Make an easy DIY modular herb garden! | MidwestManMountain | 76 Remember to SUBSCRIBE: READ MORE at **Blooper mistake from 2:40-2:55 with some audio outtakes that leaked over from a cut portion from the start. Whoops!** Do you like to use fresh herbs for cooking? So do I! This year I’m giving up on buying small bits of cilantro and basil for outrageous prices, only to leave the bulk of what I buy sit in my fridge for too long. I’m boldly entering the world of growing my own herbs. The idea for a modular herb garden is threefold: 1) I liked the design of the modular accessory holders that April Wilkerson designed. 2) I like the thought of using colors to spice up the bland fence outside. 3) I love the notion that I can bring in the planters whenever I need a certain herb, and then I can just cut what I need and take it back outside. No waste! The boxes themselves are made from 1/2″ plywood and are assembled from six pieces. 1) back: 4″x6″ 2) bottom: 2.5″x6″ 3) diagonal: 3″x6″ 4) front: 2″x6″ 5) sides: 4″x4.5″ (two per box / cut at a 45 degree angle) French cleats were used to hang the herb garden modules along the fence, and my wonderful wife positioned them in a visually appealing pattern! Take a look at my digital gardening notes: Hep Cats by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: Chime in and see what’s happening on your favorite platform: Google Plus: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest: Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsEasy Vertical Hydroponics Tower Garden – Even Beginners Can Grow FoodEasy Vertical Herb GardenLiving Wall Planter OUTDOOR […]

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  • Ian Johnson 1 year ago

    Looks good! We simply have chives planted in the ground by our front steps. They come back each year with no help from us, so, nice and easy!

  • Scott L 1 year ago

    MMM, another interesting video.

  • Per Almered 1 year ago

    This was great, thanks so much for this idea!

  • Jim Dollens 1 year ago

    Nice adaptation of Ms. Wilkerson's boxes. I have been planning on doing something like that for storage, but most of my scrap right now is thin cut offs, so I may have to do some major glue ups. lol.

  • Tim Caldwell 1 year ago

    Great idea for those of us with limited space.

  • Bruce's shop stuff and other things 1 year ago

    really cool! and I like how you were able to make such basic French cleats. But you seem to have some extra audio mistakenly mixed in at 2:45.