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You can triple the production of your garden simply by growing vertically instead of bush plants. Here I show how to install the lower support wire for verti… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsVertical Gardening – How to Grow Better Vegetables – Installing and Filling GuttersHydroponics in apartment balcony | Vertical Gardening at home using PVC pipe| NFT systemMoney Plant Wall Hanging Ideas / Money Plant Decoration / Vertical Gardening IdeasFour reasons to go for Vertical #GardeningHow to Grow Hanging Tomato Plant in 5 Liter Bottle || Grow Tomatoes on the Wall (Vertical Gardening)Diy Idea for Hanging Plants Indoor / Vertical Gardening Ideas / Wall Gardens / Diy Garden Ideas

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  • gthree0239 5 years ago

    You said you get way more production out of the mittleider garden than the
    back to eden. Did you fertilize the Back to Eden garden? In the movie
    Paul is putting down composted chicken manure and garden scraps down before
    putting down another layer of wood chips. I am curious because I want to
    have a productive garden without having to buy nutrients for it. (on the
    fence between these two methods)?

  • robert lee 5 years ago

    Does the soil mix work on fruit trees??

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    They support a plastic cover in the winter to create a greenhouse and
    garden fabric the rest of the year to protect the plants from wind and

  • End Time Log 5 years ago

    the way paul raises his garden all the plants get maximum nutrition from
    the wood chips that turn into mulch, obviously you have to add in layers
    every year or two but I am surprised to hear that you have a BTE garden and
    it does not produce much for you, you must have missed something. I will
    check your video thanks.

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    Thank you for posting. I don’t know what kind of treated lumber you bought
    but the lumber we have here and all over the U.S. is treated with copper.
    If that isn’t want you got you might ask them for copper treated lumber. It
    is great.

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    What crap, which toxins? Please be specific. Because the industry stopped
    using “crap” and toxins 12 years ago. Treated wood is perfectly safe for
    gardens. It is treated with copper, which is a trace element which the
    plants need.If you have current information to the contrary please reply.

  • maxxlexx1 5 years ago

    copper r u nuts….no they treat with highly toxic toxins…i built a peir
    and everyday i seen a sheen over the water i felt the wood it was slimy and
    soft plus they 10 year old fence i took up there was nothing below ground
    area…the none treated wood was still ok…

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    I water for one minute each day. Better than me coming as a consultant get
    Jim Kennard to come and put on a seminar in your area. Then you’ll have
    plenty of personal time and consultation. You can reach jim at

  • datoken 5 years ago

    what is the purpose of the loops in the twine over by your sugar snap
    peas?? just curious.. and thank you for all your videos

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    I found a wood forest products processor in my area for the sawdust and I
    bought the sand where they make and mix soils.

  • 1994abbygirl 5 years ago

    Where did you find your sand and sawdust in such large quantities?? Great

  • Sanguine 5 years ago

    I’d had this concern as well, as I’m considering building beds this spring.
    Do you know how to confirm what they use to pressure treat the wood? It’d
    be cheaper if I could use the Treated wood for sure.

  • 1994abbygirl 5 years ago

    Darn.. I wanted to do the Back to Eden and could never find woodchips.. and
    now the Mettlieder is a no to.. I just am to far in the sticks! Thanks

  • wncsohn 5 years ago

    Great video! I’m going to attempt “vertical” gardening this year in hopes
    of increasing our yield. We did bush beans last year and they didn’t put
    out as much as I had hoped. Of course, the drought didn’t help any! 🙂

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    With this method you will easily triple your production by growing
    vertically. Best of success to you.

  • Delinda Sarnecki 5 years ago

    Very nice!! So anxious to get out there – although we have snow right now!
    Your channel is a great source for information – always inspiring. 🙂

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    I realize I may be several months ahead of those in colder regions. I hope
    these videos help you prepare and anticipate what to do and expect when the
    weather warms up where you are. Best of luck in your gardening.

  • LDSPrepper 5 years ago

    Thank you for commenting. I have a BTE garden for two years. You are right
    about not needing to water. Unfortunately it doesn’t produce much because
    the plants are starving for nutrients. Please watch my “Important Plant
    Nutrition for Organic Vegetable Gardens” for side by side comparison. It
    will blow your mind.

  • Momma Dirt 5 years ago

    My husband is a soils scientist and has been fighting that battle for so
    long. I’m glad to see someone else who recognizes that treated wood is safe
    and comes with the added bonus of copper.

  • Abby, you can use this method in the earth without sawdust beds, in fact,
    it is usually used in just dirt. Research the mitt lieder method.

  • End Time Log 5 years ago

    you don’t need irrigation, watch backtoedenfilm com, it will blow your mind.