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This is a DIY video on how I converted a very small garden bed into a vertical garden. I started with 20 square feet of space and converted it into 120 square feet of growing space! This is… Related PostsVertical Gardening – DIY Cucumber Trellis – Week 5Vertical Gardening – DIY Cucumber Trellis – Week 8Vertical Gardening – DIY Cucumber Trellis – Week 8How to Make a 6 foot Cucumber & Vegetable Trellis in 15 Minutes: Grow Vertical! – TRG 2014Easy and Simple Cucumber Trellis for Vertical Growing by the California Gardener1-2-3 Done! – Building a Cucumber Trellis

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  • LCJ farms 2 years ago

    great vid We are about to build a trellis for our cucumbers too. My wife
    likes the hay you are using for mulch we will probably try that.?

  • Jason Johnson 2 years ago

    That’s a pretty neat idea for small spaces?

  • Permaculture Prepper 2 years ago

    cool, that’s gonna make a great wall of green to shade your back porch

  • Binky's Garden 2 years ago

    Vertical Garden – A cool design for growing cucumbers vertically! ?

  • Fitness With Bethumms 2 years ago

    Loved the video! Can’t wait to eat those cucumbers!!! ?