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Vertical Gardens



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  • Randy Fleet 8 months ago

    Great idea for growing herbs and having available in off seasonal times

  • Галина Сухих 8 months ago

    Очень красиво

  • me12youable 8 months ago

    Does anyone have details on how to build this exactly?

  • tuklplubl 8 months ago

    Sounds like russel crowe

  • Sally Ong 8 months ago

    So is there a safer alternative to rockwool as the base growing medium?

  • LIVING GOD 8 months ago

    Please show the full install of the system. Thankyou

  • Justin Luo 8 months ago

    very good ideal

  • Mindy Leavell 8 months ago

    Please respond!!!!! I am trying to find rockwool in the batting that you are using!!! All I can find is the rockwool in starting cubes. I have found the insulation rockwool but that has formaldehyde in it., I would appreciate some help!!!! Thank you!!!!

  • martysgarden 8 months ago

    Vertical gardening is great and I use it all the time in my small space gardening, you can grow just about anything, accept a tree!
    Thanks for the vid.
    Happy Gardening
    Marty Ware

  • P-Fonz Time 8 months ago

    Hi guys, fantastic idea this and great video. i just have a question regarding the differences in summer of how much h20 the plants use, as opposed to actual food they are taking on. does the rockwool need flushing and the sump need regular cleaning?

  • Carlos L 8 months ago

    Supper cool… I enjoy your movies… Thank you… If you are interested on checking out my first year garden ? (click )
    Thank you:)

  • Jo Foster 8 months ago

    hi what are the timings for the watering ie how many times a week and for how long? thanks

  • Brindha Arasu 8 months ago

    I love this……

  • David Epstein 8 months ago

    Looks beautiful. What happens to your openings after one or two seasons and roots decompose in the space. Does it get mucked up and lose ability to wick water? Seems there could be a more ecological material to work with. Encourage using a bioponic approach to hydroponics for nutrient sources. All the elements used to build and feed this system are from manufactured chemicals; this sort of contradicts the important message behind vertical growing.

  • SirLancelotized 8 months ago

    Lasting indefinitely!? PERFECT

  • Someone Somewhere 8 months ago

    I just looked up rock wool, never having heard of it before. I found some very interesting warnings concernning this material, dispite it's advantages. It is hard to dispose of. If it is buried, it will last indefinitely, and it's fibers are bad for your lungs. Please look up facts before using.

  • Smokie1969 8 months ago

    Is it just me, or is the audio out of sync with the video? 😛

  • adrimargo 8 months ago

    hi Im Making a 12 square meter vertical garden in Uruguay. South America. we have a very similar climate. Im building an outdoor garden.
    The question is: as the water has minerals that eat the metal, do you need a special type of pump? one with no metal I asume.
    the other one, how many times a day do you have to set the timer to irrigate the panel? or is it on the whole day?
    do you apply the rockwool dry and then insert the plants or you prehumidify it as to get the hidroponic water better?

  • Brian Darmanie 8 months ago

    This is a great concept but I have concerns about the rockwool used for ediable plants.
    Because formaldhydes are used as a binder with most insulation products, here in Canada our known major manufactuer "Roxul", I believe still uses this toxic substance. I'll have to investigate further and/or find another alternative if that is still the case.

    Thanks for the post