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Vertical Garden Ideas – DIY Vertical Garden Vertical gardening ideas can come from anywhere. This DIY vertical garden assembly is a great method for starting a short DIY project for your indoor garden construction to keep the vertical garden space efficient and low maintenance. We all love plants to be around our residence and offices. Vertical gardening is the latest trend that will maintain the beauty of our places while minimizing on space. The term vertical can look so complicated, but the reality is quite charming. Find out more below: a) Pockets/ Pouches- this is a material that is used as a hanger. One will place the plants over the other to hang on the walls. This is a perfect home addition as it can stand up to 20 pounds. It is also recommended maintaining water drainage by placing an outlet at the back of the pocket or pouch. b) Window boxes- another way to create a vertical garden is placing on the window panels using boxes. This will make the house look decorated especially if you want colored flowers that require plenty of sunlight. Ensure that you fasten the boxes properly to maintain their safety. c) Utilization of garden ropes- These are decorative ropes that are attached to the ceiling and at the end points, you place flowers. Height is important since it gives you the flexibility to water them and also check them often. d) Rail planters- Whenever one searches online, one can get the rail decks. They can be got in nurseries too. The best thing with such rail planters is that we do have lots of options to pick from. e) Flower rain Gutters- This is one of the places where one can place soil and plant vegetables or flowers. One may decide to place the […]

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  • Diamond Shine Cleaning 4 years ago

    what happened to DIY meaning DO IT YOURSELF not buy and install STUPID

  • andreas heijdendael 4 years ago

    What an insanely amount of plastic for 8 small buckets… Talk about waistefull…