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Bengaluru may be well on its way to reclaiming its title of “Garden City.” The city just got its first vertical garden, and it’s all thanks to the efforts of SayTrees. SayTrees is an NGO having a group of “ordinary people extraordinarily determined to protect the environment.” On March 17, 2017, SayTrees install Bengaluru’s first vertical garden on one of the pillars of the Hosur Road flyover. SayTrees hopes this will help curb pollution in the city and beautify it as well. Bengaluru’s residents are giving the initiative a big thumbs up on social media. Over 3,500 saplings of 10 different species have already been planted in the organic garden. An automated drip irrigation system will water these saplings every day, so it is sustainable. SayTrees’ volunteers will maintain the saplings. The garden on each side of the pillar is designed to increase its aesthetic value. SayTrees aims to cover all pillars of the over 9-kilometre flyover with similar vertical gardens. Apart from reducing smog and heat and cleaning the air of pollutants, vertical gardens also create habitats for birds and beneficial insects. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsRoof Top Vegetable Garden Module in Bangalore, IndiaTerrace Vegetable Garden – Bangalore, IndiaVertical Garden Ideas Bangalore – A 0$ Vertical Garden with plastic soda bottlesBangalore on Vertical Farming (2015)MAKE IN INDIA – MADE IN INDIA Pilot Commercial Aeroponics Vertical Farming Intro Video by Sure GrowCommonfloor Living Walls Another Sky Bangalore Customer Testimonial 2

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  • Erik Fernandez 6 months ago

    muy buena iniciativa, idea orgullosamente mexicana

  • Prabhat Kashyap 6 months ago

    superb nice agar sab jaaage aise ho toh kitne aaacha ho

  • Prabhat Kashyap 6 months ago

    superb nice agar sab jaaage aise ho toh kitne aaacha ho

  • Aroop kumar 6 months ago

    Good initiative. Every city of india should adopt

  • Arunabha Das 6 months ago

    best idea but orchids are better in this condition, minimum water and less maintanance

  • Ashutosh Pathak 6 months ago

    nice work