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Join The Water Brothers as they tour the new vertical farming system at Urban Barns just outside of Montreal, Quebec. As arable land and water for irrigation becomes increasingly scarce in our crowded world, vertical farming has the potential to help us grow more food on less land, using 90% less water than conventional farming. But as is often the case with solutions to environmental challenges, there are limitations. Check out the video to learn about the pros and cons of vertical farming systems. Watch full episodes of The Water Brothers at The Water Brothers is an eco-adventure documentary series following brothers, Alex and Tyler Mifflin, as they explore the world, uncovering the most important water stories of our time. What are the problems, and where are the solutions to help us better protect our most precious resource? Alex & Tyler take you on the search. Related PostsVertical Farms Gifted Citizen long EngCould high-tech vertical farms help us feed the world in the 21st century?World’s largest indoor vertical farm uses 95 percent less water and produces more foodWorld’s Biggest Indoor Vertical Farm Near NYC to Use 95% Less WaterSeedstock at UCSD – Home Town Farms on Vertical Organic Urban FarmingVertical Farms | Design and Innovation | TakePart

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