Vertical Farms: Hype or The Future?

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Vertical farms are incredible. They could solve our food security needs in the future and could change the way we get our food forever. In this video I wanted to look into what makes vertical farming so good, and what problems vertical farms face. With the largest vertical farm in Europe opening up in Copenhagen, Denmark and bigger projects planned for Abu Dhabi it is exciting times!


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Time Stamps:

00:00 – Intro
00:19 – The Problem
01:12 – How Vertical Farms Work
02:23 – The Benefits Of Vertical Farms
04:53 – Current Vertical Farms
05:43 – The Issues Of Vertical Farms
06:51 – The Future
07:31 – Storyblocks
08:35 – Outro


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Vertical Farms: Hype or The Future?

| Vertical farming | 19 Comments
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  • Rhaegar Targaryen

    I love this channel, the quality is top notch and I cannot believe you don't have more subs.
    Do keep it up, as I love both the content and quality. Cheers!

  • Living AngryCheese

    Wait, why would we need to increase food production by 70% for a 2 billion population increase? Plus, is that 9 billion stat even real?

  • David Taylor

    Something here smells off, you say there are vertical farms popping up all over the place however you also say none have been profitable. The vast amount of agricultural space is used for livestock so with little environmental benefits, more expensive food, limited crop types, I would like it to be true especially since such high numbers of people in the future and limited resources can only lead to wars and environmental destruction.

  • Mika de Grote

    That's nice and all, but how are you gonna automate the process? Since, farmlands are processed using tractors and machinary, while vertical farms seem to require a lot of human labour.

  • Lucid Moses

    There is another problem they need to solved that you didn't cover. That is;
    They treat the building as a capital cost. However. The environment required for plants and the environment need for long term running of a building are in serous conflict. So the maintenance costs and the short life time of the building are big problems that I haven't heard anyone solving yet. Had you heard about a solution while investigating this?

  • Kaasperav

    Love the production quality. Very well done. I do have a suggestion for your videos though, I wish you would link to sources you used for the research in the description. Keep it up!

  • MassInDaHouse1

    Check out Deep Sea Farming as well, like Ocean Farm one. They are also a way to increase food. New technology is always intriguing.

  • speadskater

    After spending years looking into it and trying it, it's basically a scam until we start using nuclear again. Using more electricity on growing crops when we aren't 100% green now is a bit of a joke. You're also going to use more land in solar that you would out crops that you're replacing.

  • Vojtěch Pikal

    Wait, what? Why should 2 more bilions (+ 30 %) mean that we need to up production by 70 %? That does not ad up? (I mean, just stop eating meat every day. That will do it.)

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