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Some ideas for sustainably growing coffee and tea plantations locally. Benefit: Doing so would enable self-sufficiency for each continent and would help stop and reverse the destruction of the rainforest. Image courtesy of: Amazon rainforest deforestation – Time lapse: ‘The expansion of huge monocrop oil palm plantations in Asia, Latin America, and West Africa threatens vast tracts of tropical forests.’ – (Source WWF – World Wildlife Fun) What is Vertical Farming: Video Rating: / 5 Urban farming. A new way of producing food. Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsCoffee Grounds: How And Why We Use Them In Our GardenSingapore’s Vertical Farms – #AsiaLiveCoffee Grounds in the Garden – Learn about Coffee Grounds in the GardenHow to make a hydroponic water culture system from a coffee containerHow to Add Coffee Grounds to Your Vegetable Garden Soil : Gardening AdviceTokyo’s Vertical Farms – The Future of Farming | WIRED

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  • Adeel Khan 6 months ago

    Solar panels that open and close can go on the vertical farms.

    At night, the solar panels would go inside a cavity module in the building.

  • BlueGiant69202 6 months ago

    OMG! I was looking at the production figures globally and for Brazil and Vietnam and they are staggeringly huge!
    "Coffee plantations cover about 27,000 square kilometers of Brazil "
    Tea: 2.23 million hectares (Brazil)

    You were just ideating. Sorry, to disturb you.

  • Adeel Khan 6 months ago

    Idea(s): Growing trees in thin air via vertical farming –>

  • BlueGiant69202 6 months ago

    The physical principles underpinning self-organization in plants

  • BlueGiant69202 6 months ago

    " Cattle ranching is the leading cause of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. "
    I strongly doubt that Vertical Farming will have any effect on deforestation of the Amazon or any other tropical rainforest. The problem is similar to that of urban sprawl and high-rise residential technology has existed for a long time. Also, if demand dries up for one commodity land owners will just move to another commodity as happened with rubber in Brazil when Asia came into the market and underpriced them.
    Since more than 20% of the deforestation involves small, impoverished agricultural producers, they are unable to finance their own Vertical farms. It's a difficult problem.

  • Adeel Khan 6 months ago

    Posting on behalf of @BlueGiant69202

    Interesting idea since coffee and tea have a higher economic value than many staples (but not a higher nutritional value). At least the ROI would be faster and the land freed up could be devoted to human food production and/or eventually allowed to grow back to its native state with an intermediate Amazonian orchard phase.
    The BIG PROBLEM is the very large capital cost of erecting the vertical structure(s). You almost need a major catastrophe to justify it. Or Ed Bass.
    It doesn't have to be a skyscraper and can be more like the London Eye. The system in Singapore is like a carnival ride called The Zipper, a shelving storage system Bucky Fuller made called 'Ovolving shelves. Containers rotate vertically on a chain. I would also seriously look at Bucky Fuller's 4D Lightfull Houses using tensegrity with the idea of doing more with less and lighter in weight and look into Geodesic Domes and octet truss floors or branches too.
    There is a dry cleaning type of system like the doors in Monster Inc. that might be of interest too. I've seen it used to grow strawberries on hanging polyethylene sheeting.
    Bucky Fuller's Geodesic Dome Growth House was designed like a tree with octet truss branches rotating around a central trunk. Carbon fibres, aerogels, graphene etc. could be used to make the compression members of the horizontal branches.

    Some of your details are questionable. You might want to compare acreages devoted to soybeans in Brazil vs. Coffee plantations.

    I've seen a video of a growth system with rotating arms but didn't bookmark it.Maybe I can find it again.

    Octopus Carnival Ride (it's like a tree)
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