Vertical farming saves water, land, and energy — and it could be how we grow food on Mars.

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Vertical farming is a type of indoor farming where crops are grown in stacked layers, rather than spread out across large plots of land. These farms offer many benefits over traditional ones, including the prospect of better access to healthy foods in underserved communities.

Because vertical farms use LED lighting, their output isn’t subject to the natural elements that typically affect plant production such as adverse weather, insects, and seasons.

They’re better for the environment because they require less energy and put out less pollution, without a need for heavy machinery, pesticides, or fertilizers. Additionally, soil-less farming methods like aeroponics require just 10% of the amount of water consumed by outdoor farms.

Adopting these sustainable farming practices could lead to a monumental shift in how we produce food on Earth, and enable us to create a reliable food source beyond our planet.

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Vertical farms could take over the world | Hard Reset by Freethink

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  • Gardening with the Arab

    I saw this in a commercial decided to check it out like this vid and I’m not disappointed it’s an Intresting vid especially since I’m in love with gardening and farming! Lmao

  • Joe Baldenweg

    It's a great system, problem is electricity isn't free and solar and wind are not ready for the mainstream

  • Will A

    Excellent and very informative video! I love the idea of vertical farming but this technology will receive a lot of backlash from local farming communities. I do believe this is a far more sustainable way to farm given the information you provided in the video. Very thought provoking @Freethink.

  • Ionstorm

    Seen this again and again over the years (originally it was horizontal, but that's perfectly viable too anyway) The problem is, without people pushing this quickly, it's going to take more and more and more time. What you need is government funding, or try and force companies like Amazon to deal with this.

    If you got Elon Musk or Amazon in a room and as a Government, you put one of these in every city in America and you make the food at cost, we won't charge you Corporation Tax, they would be on it, these things would be thrown up and producing within months not years of years.

  • Lizard Man

    From what I read . It’s too high tech and everyone knows sometimes simple is better it still has a high volume of workers . Wish they would show the down sides

  • Brothers In Arms

    Who will they be giving the land “back” to?? Can’t you people see this will be used to push everyone into high density housing? Your every move will be tracked and recorded.
    No more rural areas to live…… we…..(government)must protect those areas. No more gardens in backyards, no more yards. Just a promise from our overlords that our enhanced food will be given to us if we behave

  • JDChurch118

    I like how you can see in the video that they stack plants on trays and have plenty of non vertical farms. Also genuinely curious how the could grow pumpkin or watermelon, or squash vertically.

  • 1 Nуrб

    Kale and spinach are good but people depend on crops like wheat, rice, corn. Can we make them grow vertically?

  • Raj Mahal

    I think most humans would be incapacitated by depression if they had to live like that. Especially considering current circumstances. It's bad enough already. . Now, you're saying you won't even be to go outside and see a corn or wheat field or as much actual nature? Suicide epidemic, inbound.

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