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During the #NYCagtechWeek2017 at the #Agritecture office, Megan Munkascy and Zjef Van Acker from the Association for Vertical Farming (#AVF) hosted a session about the AMI-fication process. As basis they used the work from their project Group #AVFami (AMI = Aquaponics, Mushroom and Insects). The special focus for this session was on their latest AVFami crown-jewel: the very first AVFami white paper. The white paper is called: “Controlled Agriculture and Ecosystem Economies, A Thought Leadership Piece on Using Vertical Farming Systems to Feed Each Other and Create Greener Urban Spaces”. — History of AVFami Initiated by the Association for Vertical Farming, a project group, named AVFami (aquaponics, mushrooms, insects), was formed in March 2016, consisting of members of the AVF. International scientists gathered together in order to illuminate the potential to overlap several systems of indoor food production, leading to a theoretical biological model that encapsulates the spirit of ecosystems. —– The AVF The Association for Vertical Farming is an internationally active non-profit organization of individuals, companies, research institutions and universities. Authors, editors, and team members on this project include: Megan Munkascy, Zjef Van Acker, Radu Giurgiu, Seppe Salari, Penny McBride, Andreas Woell, and Erik Denkhaus: —- Find more information via: #Amification #AVF #verticalfarming #urbanfarming #mushroomfarming #insectfarming #aquaponics #aquaculture #plantfactories #NYCAgtechWeek #sustainablefarming #AMI #verticalZjef Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsJeffrey Heller presents at Global Green CitiesVertical Farms and Green CitiesHow Vertical Farms Bring Fresh Food To Booming CitiesVertical Farms: How To Feed Our Rapidly Growing CitiesCities: Skylines Mass Transit | PART 21 | VERTICAL FARMSThe Vertical Farm as the Ecosystem of the City – Dickson Despommier – AVF summit 2016

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