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Vertical Farming With Dr. Dickson Despommier phd Part 2. Video Rating: 0 / 5 A report by futurist Christopher Barnatt from the GrowUp aquaponic urban farm in London. With thanks to GrowUp founders Kate Hofman and Tom Webster. More inf… Video Rating: 4 / 5 Related PostsVertical Farming With Dr. Dickson Despommier PhD Part 5Vertical Farming With Dr. Dickson Despommier PhD Part 4Vertical Farming With Dr. Dickson Despommier PhD Part 1Dr Dickson Despommier on vertical farmingDickson Despommier – Vertical FarmingVertical Farming With Dr. Dickson Despommier PhD

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  • Baron Coultard 5 years ago

    You probably can build the garden that will not need weeding, tilling or
    cultivating, the spreading of fertilizer or garden compost, and no watering
    or irrigating; all while your plants generate up to 10 x the amount of
    fresh vegetables than plants from a dirt garden. ?

  • Maurice Libotte 5 years ago

    Great idea! ?

  • Hans Fleischer 5 years ago

    A report by futurist Christopher Barnatt from the GrowUp aquaponic urban
    farm in London.

  • Marc Vilella 5 years ago
  • Jesse Larson 5 years ago

    My friend is doing something similar to this in edmonton ?

  • Aron Sandstedt 5 years ago
  • Clint Hunter 5 years ago

    ??? the greenist green there is should be in your own back yard
    + on your roof top
    = if Carbon neutral is what you wish to become?

  • TonyR03 5 years ago

    How many people could be fed with that? I mean, you will nevery only eat
    vegetable and fish, but if you would would that container in the video be
    enough for one or two persons?

  • astrialkil 5 years ago

    Just put a cow in there ! 8p do you really NEED grains?

  • KaliumX 5 years ago

    What about fish allergies? Is there any data about allergens contamination?
    I don’t think it have been considered… I think there is already a known
    solution “equivalent” and more efficient than this : the Rhizobium…
    wikipedia. org/wiki/Rhizobium

  • UpsideDownMon 5 years ago

    yea i was thinking how great it would be to have the fish reproduce and to
    be able to eat them as well

  • stardude692001 5 years ago

    In that case they may be able to live and still be safe to eat but they
    will probably will not be able to reproduce and the stocks will need to be
    replenished at destination.

  • ExplainingTheFuture 5 years ago

    Fish probably deal with radiation as well as people! 🙂

  • ExplainingTheFuture 5 years ago

    GrowUp will be harvesting their fish too! 🙂

  • MrMoonpie001 5 years ago

    Hydroponics have existed now for many years, the cost savings of this
    modified and updated technology will prove to be essential for the future.
    The small home type farm is becoming less and less attractive and has no
    replacement at this time except imports from Mexico. This will speed
    forward substantially this new technology. Do not be surprised to see it
    common place as soon as within the next decade. Moonpie

  • timothy mostad 5 years ago

    Systems like this could really make a difference in feeding not only city
    people but water shortages in a rural area’s as well

  • mclaine33 5 years ago

    Really neat. I never seen an aquaponic farm before. I have to agree with
    Kate. There is almost never 1 solution for a problem but this certainly
    helps with making the environment a bit greener. Now if a large scale
    aquaponic farm was constructed in an heavy urban area that would be quite
    impressive. I can see aquaponics becoming a larger industry in the near

  • ExplainingTheFuture 5 years ago

    Thanks for this, but with over 25 years of professional video experience
    (from the BBC downwards), I am well aware of microphone placement. Indeed,
    I take great pride in the sound on my videos. This was, however, a very
    rapid and logistically-difficult shoot in a cramped location, and my usual
    tip clip mics were not a possibity. There was also a lot of background
    noise (planes, a school playground and water pumps!), and hence I had to
    make compromises. An in-shot mic is not common on the news!

  • unamaxify 5 years ago

    energy can be electricity but it also comes in allot of other forms (nice
    try at fallacious logic) But in general yes Nasa can’t move forward because
    we haven’t enough energy, both for the actual exploring and for our society
    to grow excess-wealth that we can spend on the logistics of exploring.
    Simple: More energy = more money to pay for space exploration; also more
    energy = spaceships get faster and can travel further

  • LogicalMayhem00 5 years ago

    Just found your channel, enjoy the free viral marketing 😀

  • Jonny SiHi 5 years ago

    The obvious advantages of creating more jobs of course is that more money
    is pushed into our economy which in turn helps people keep their jobs for
    longer and feed their family’s for longer. The big question is why
    companies/people don’t realise this? Its a real shame and bothers me so much

  • ExplainingTheFuture 5 years ago

    The GrowUp box shown here is a test-bed for much larger, potentially
    vertical urban farms for feeding cities in the future. At present food
    ofter travels 1,500 miles to the plate, with (in developed nations) each
    calorie consumed burning up 10 calories of petroleum. Post Peak Oil, such a
    mass transportation food supply system will not be possible.

  • Eay5paev 5 years ago

    This is a silly idea. Cities are place with very high population density.
    Typically they need large enlightened agricultural surfaces to feed this
    population. That’s why those surfaces are used out of the city: in the
    countryside. Because that’s where the surface is. Can you find that surface
    in the city itself?? I very much doubt so. Maybe if you build you aquaponic
    units vertically, but then those buildings would have to be very high, thus
    very expensive, if only technically possible.

  • MrJason005 5 years ago


  • LogicalMayhem00 5 years ago

    Just found your channel, enjoy the free viral marketing 😀