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Oct.16 — Indoor vertical farming startup Plenty Inc. is working to deliver year-round produce from its controlled, resilient farms to avoid food loss during disastrous flooding, droughts or fires. Matt Barnard, co-founder and chief executive officer of Plenty, Inc. discusses the company’s series D funding round on “Bloomberg Technology.” Related PostsVertical farming: a future way to feed urban populations? | FT Food RevolutionWhy Vertical Farming is the Future of FoodCan Vertical Farming Solve Asia’s Food Crisis?InFarm: Vertical farming and intelligent solutions for food productionThe Genius of Vertical Farming: The Future of FoodFood (R)Evolution – How Vertical Farming Will Help Feed The World | Mike Zelkind | TEDxCincinnati

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  • Yellowowl Nighteagle 1 month ago

    They still don't get it right though. Although I see some potential to vertical growth, I still see these vegetables being alone and isolated. The American Indian traditionalist would teach you that vegetables grow better in groups. But it takes a lot of knowledge that only they can provide. For example, if you grow grapes with a certain type of tree, not only will they offer more nutrition, the grapes will be twice the size you see them in grocery stores. Not like tomatoes "alone", but with carrots, or cabbage, or whatever it is they told me. They are the ones with this knowledge and they are dying off because noone will ask them to share this knowledge they have had for thousands upon thousands of years. Everyone continues to listen to new-age farmers that do not grow foods for their local communities, but for a global market so that they can be millionaires. And they plant their foods in the same manner that they plant their dead in cemetaries; in plots and in rows. Don't take my word on it, ask someone from Red-Hat A.I.M.

  • Abhishek Sharma 1 month ago

    Do you think packed veggies keeps getting recalled ??? Even though I eat packed veggies as they are cost effective, but I prefer fresh veggies

  • Eric bee 1 month ago

    just need to find away to lower power costs and this might be a good idea

  • Ankit Singh 1 month ago

    This is very expensive every farmer can't afford it

  • zbLoodlust087 1 month ago

    I’ve been talking about this forever now!

  • wrecked bote 1 month ago

    This just made me think about how regulated marijuana is influencing farm innovation. Like a farm. So it has a utility for that