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Listen to “VERTICAL FARMING” from Puri Musings in Puri Jagannadh Voice. #PuriMusings #PuriJagannadh #PuriConnects #CharmmeKaur Motion Graphics: Hemant Korimi (Haashtag Media) Follow me on twitter : Follow me on facebook : Follow me on Instagram : Follow me on youtube Follow Charmme Kaur Follow me on twitter : Follow me on facebook :… Follow me on Instagram : Follow Puri Connects Follow me on twitter : Follow me on facebook : Follow me on Instagram Video Rating: / 5 Related Postsఅందరూ కూరగాయలు పండించుకోవాలి లేదంటే తిండి దొరకదు పూరీ జగన్నాథ్ || Vertical Farming || Puri JagannadhTop 20: Vertical Farming – die optimale Revolution der Landwirtschaft?Smart Hydroponic Vertical Farming Systems by Plantekno® LED Grow Light TechnologyVertical Farming with Aeroponic Tower GardensA Group Of Youth Venture In Vertical FarmingVertical farming – motion plastic components help plants grow indoors!

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  • Guntur mirchi.gardening 1 month ago

    I'm implementing it sir ….. wonderful experience……puri Jagannath I love you

  • santhosh ch 1 month ago

    Marri farmers daggara yevaru kontaru…… Oh. Oh. Middle men kontara!!!!!

  • Nice sir it's really true future is in our hands……..?

  • Naveen Tanamki 1 month ago

    Super puri Anna

  • Bala Thota 1 month ago

    Education and agriculture should go hand in hand. 6 th class datina pratiokkadu cultivation must ani cheyya . Gudi manyalla badi manyallundalli, appude eveediki reservation avasarum rakunda andaru selfsufficient avvochu

  • Arun Kumar INDIAN 1 month ago

    I Love you

  • INNER VIEW 1 month ago

    Sir please keep farming kit link in comment nox

  • shivarathri mahesh 1 month ago

    I gain today best knowledge from u……jai puri bhai……

  • praveen kumar Banoth 1 month ago

    U could have talked about this before October 4 ;; 4 questions came in upsc 2020

  • Bhaswanth Reddy 1 month ago

    Well said darling ❤️❤️

  • shankar virothi 1 month ago

    Sir puri garu good message continue your PD. Thank u

  • khadeer ricky 1 month ago

    Never change people's
    Never change politics
    Never change ….. Media
    Never change anything sir
    Ricky 369

  • Prince Sridhar 1 month ago

    నాయకులు తలపాగలు చుడుతారు కాని వ్యవసాయం చేయరు అన్న,

  • ALLURI M 1 month ago


  • I can do it ramesh 1 month ago

    Sir deenimeeda Oka movie teyandi sir lam agriculture student bsc agriculture