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Learn more about igus® components for indoor farming here: Indoor farming facilities need reliable automation and motion enabling components to ensure their plants are properly cared for. In this video we show all of the maintenance free igus® components that are perfect for indoor or vertical farms! Video Rating: / 5 Related PostsSmart Hydroponic Vertical Farming Systems by Plantekno® LED Grow Light TechnologySelf Watering System for Plants Using Plastic Bottle | Auto Watering Vertical Garden//GREEN PLANTSHow To Grow Tomato Plant in Plastic Bottle Hanging Vertical GardeningHow to Grow Bush Beans: 30+ Plants in One Vertical Tower!Hi Tech Vertical Farming Growth of PlantsHow to PLANT & GROW with Cattle Panel Arched Trellises | Vertical Gardening Help

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  • Yatish Shelke 2 weeks ago

    If I had the money, I’d definitely would’ve got this for my farm