Bright Agrotech is a leader in vertical, space saving aquaponics and hydroponics systems and a commercial producer in the high plains of Laramie, WY. We’re p…

Here’s my daughter’s school project. She wrote the script and “produced”. I helped her with Premiere and After Effects.
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Vertical Farming & Gardening Kickstarter Video

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  • Bright Agrotech

    Yes, so after we harvest a completely, we simply pull the media out of the
    bottom of the tower and remove the root mass before planting new seedlings.
    It’s a pretty quick process! Remaining residual root material will be
    broken down by our redworms.

  • Bright Agrotech

    Hey there! We can produce around 3x as much as can be grown in a raft
    system. That means we’re getting much more per square foot helping us save
    energy costs and increase revenue. The transportation reason is also a huge
    bonus though! Does that answer your question? Mind helping us spread the
    word to your network?

  • chasedoggreenbird

    hey guys, Im so happy to hear your concept and beliefs, ive been passionate
    about the same thing for a short while now and in my research to design a
    vertical aquaponic system i can produce to help eliminate the large number
    of people unable to afford fresh food in our country. if i had money to
    invest with you i would, keep up the good work it will make the world a
    better place.

  • TheDarthloki

    yeah thanks. watched all your videos now. and got one more question. since
    the roots of the plants will grow in the tower, what happens with the
    rootmass after harvest that grew into the mat since u cant get it all our
    right? u just replant in the used mats and let the worms and normal rotting
    process do the job for u?

  • TheDarthloki

    Hey guys, great effort there. I was wondering if there is also a
    space-advantage to lets say a rift-bed or do u go vertical due to
    transportation reasons. Greetings from Germany.

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