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Latest Design Challenge for Engineers & Makers to build a Vertical Farming Application. The population of our planet is growing fast & so too are our demands on it. Over the years we’ve lost half of all farmland We are growing and building upon the land which feeds us. Our food needs as much space to grow as the people who are eating it. With more mouths to feed and less land to grow food Related PostsBest vertical farming systems designAgrilution – Vertical Farming – Thought For Food Challenge 2013 Pitchvertical farming systems designHAS Climate Chamber 1 – Agrilution – Vertical Farming – Thought For Food Challenge 2013Top 20: Vertical Farming – die optimale Revolution der Landwirtschaft?Smart Hydroponic Vertical Farming Systems by Plantekno® LED Grow Light Technology

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  • ManintheArmor 5 years ago

    Vertical farming is pretty nice, but if you really want to maximize on sunlight capture, your future structures would more resemble heat sinks, particularly the pin fin design. This is to prevent light from bouncing off to the side and escaping into empty space.

    The Earth itself is one solid mass, with a small portion of its volume exposed to sunlight. Not ideal for capturing light. Some time in a further future, it'd be much more hollowed out, wider, resembling a dense wireframe or tumbleweed from afar.?

  • MCM Electronics 5 years ago

    Join the ?#?element14? Vertical Farming Challenge! Watch the Video to Get Started ?#?VerticalFarming??

  • Shna_na 5 years ago

    Nice idea, super patronising narrator. I feel like I'm watching a kid's show.?

  • Robert Herrera 5 years ago

    Develop the future of farming #technology and

  • element14 5 years ago

    Develop the future of farming #technology and