Vertical farming at home with Herbert (Top Product 2018)


The hydroponic vertical farm for your home enables you to grow fresh organic food – simple, clean and 40% more efficient. Grow in your indoor garden all year around.
Our patented system are equipped with small controllers to make it very easy for you to grow vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce and many more.
Furthermore Herbert has an adaptive LED to customize its lighting individually to give your plants the best results.
The video gives you a brief summary how Herbert works and some examples what you can grow.

Video made by Filmspektakel
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Vertical farming at home with Herbert (Top Product 2018)

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  • Johan Kesti

    Fast forward three years from releasing this video, and the system is not available and nowhere to be seen. Looks good but if there aren't any users and peer reviews, it way too risky to put money into.

  • 5ki11zzz

    I would prefere, to build this on my own. Are you planing to sell the building instructions for private use? This would be great.

  • Илья Найдов

    No GMO argument makes me laugh… I would rather use excellent GMO varieties than the awful "natural" ones… Trust me, I'm a biologist…

  • Serhiy Int

    Great thing. I would love to buy (or make) one, really. But still -1 for "no GMO" anti-scientific argument.

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