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In September 2014 the Centre for Urban Agriculture held an international conference on Vertical Farming and Urban Agriculture. Watch this video to hear from experts within the field, including: Dickson Despommier – author of Related PostsPopular Videos – Vertical farming & Urban agricultureCenter for Urban Agriculture – Vertical Farming ConceptSemarGareng (Urban vertical Agriculture by using IOT & Giving big impacts on social farming)Davius: Vertical Farming – an Introduction to 21st Century New Urban Agriculture PracticesExpert views – Dickson Despommier on Urban Agriculture & Vertical Farming (full interview)Vertical farming: a future way to feed urban populations? | FT Food Revolution

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  • anwar hollanda 5 years ago


  • Vic Doom 5 years ago

    Let's simplify! Okay, we have green houses stacked with many other green houses. They are more efficient indoors without the weather disturbing the hydroponics. Done!! Genetically modified plants are inevitable with an increase of a demand for food. I question why we are focusing on any talk of (vertical farming), 35 years into the future. Let's say 10 years or maybe even 20. They're handicapping themselves with their lack of forethought for what's close by and tangibly adjustable.?

  • Drake Flames 5 years ago

    It's basically an indoor ecosystem, well almost a complete ecosystem, the fish need food. I've thought about this since I was a kid lol?

  • MISTERWHITE111 5 years ago

    Where will the Vertical Farming Conference be held in 2015. As an interested party, I would like to attend if I can arrange it.

    There are so many of our planet's ills that can be lessened by concept like this.

    Example: Instead of sending 100s of millions in foreign aid to a desolate place like Darfur where people must migrate to stay ahead of drought, disease, and violence, plant a vertical farm there.

    People will locate to the source of the food where health care, education, and stable government can be distributed to those who most need it.

    When I got to the end of the video, I saw the answer to my question (upcoming events).?

  • Debs Storey 5 years ago

    My latest video…?

  • Environmental Technology Centre 5 years ago

    Feeding a population of 9 billion by 2050, the only way is up! #verticalfarming Video:

  • Matthew Thompson 5 years ago

    Whilst I agree that planning our food produce for the future is a good idea, surely implementing these buildings with which to grow crops is going to cost a fortune because the crops will require around the clock care. I'm not against the idea, I just feel it would be wise to plan out how you are going to cover the costs before this actually takes place.?

  • University of Nottingham 5 years ago

    Roger – (couldn't reply directly to your comment below for some reason) Apparently the waste vegetables can be put in to feed the fish. In that fish eco-system in the video you can also attach a wormery, these worms could then feed the fish. There are probably multiple other applications available, feel free to contact HydroGarden with any questions.

  • Roger Gibson 5 years ago

    The one thing I spend so much time thinking about is… (Where does the fish get there good from?) I'd love to have an answer to this question. ?

  • News Paper 5 years ago