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  • Flamesync

    @Flamesync and have a ceiling module (or several for each floor) that could
    at least help with the harvesting. the only major problems i see are when
    it comes to climate control. oh, also have several elevators converted to
    carry large amounts of crops, or have shoots that will drop them down to a
    central gathering area

  • Flamesync

    couldn’t a corporation buy an unused tall building in a city and convert it
    into one of these? explain: cut a skylight in the center, extending through
    every floor. plus have a bunch of side windows. have vents and air pumps
    cycle air with the outside. water only a few floors (having chicken
    wire-type things holding in the ground on each level), so that water from a
    few floors could eventually drop down to the next floor, etc. then be
    gathered and recycled. have UV+visual lights on the cieling

  • Erik C

    @danndan6 yes, i noticed that too. The thing I’ve noticed with a lot of
    these artistic representations of vertical farms is that they never seem to
    include multiple “layers” on each floor.

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