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  • Luis Mendoza 1 year ago

    The wheat looks like a bullets

  • joey fernandez 1 year ago

    Fed X, Your Really Great At Redstone!!

  • Richard Fowler 1 year ago

    you can make automatic pumpkin and melon ones becuse if you piston melons they break :o

  • tryrhth thyrtyh 1 year ago

    mano q testura feia

  • Dr awesome 1 year ago

    You should build an automatic planting farm

  • TypeOneAuthor 1 year ago

    I love your texture pack

  • Cupcake Davies 1 year ago

    good idea but in my opinion you get much more on flat farms that's just my opinion but it was a good idea

  • Abby P. 1 year ago

    Is there a way any of you MineCraft experts can answer my question?
    I was wondering is you could add hoppers at the bottom connected to a chest to collect the crops instead?

  • Nina Lover 1 year ago

    "Now we need to get a hoe" – Mike starts laughing silently – and I'm just there like -@-@-

  • misterjesp 1 year ago

    wow. how about actually going out to the backyard and put our back into it? ya'll would be surprised at what you can grow in the backyard… even if you only have 4 steps to walk outside.

  • Ashraf Sharaf 1 year ago

    Hey fed x, I want it to be 6 floors but how

  • Mara Kennedy 1 year ago

    You can also make it to easily farm nether wart

  • Ingrid Ruano 1 year ago

    N. N

  • Eli The Gamer 1 year ago

    The top pistons won't go up to block the water after I put in the repeaters on the top. please find a way to fix this.

  • Brian Lacorazza 1 year ago

    We want auto planting

  • Monkie2Revendez _ 1 year ago

    water goes until 9 blocks

  • Jason Lehman 1 year ago

    I'm his friend on PS3

  • Nathan David 1 year ago

    The last part made me laugh. Lmao. Nice tutorial.